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    Can Probiotics Help with Weight Loss During Menopause?

    Can Probiotics Help with Weight Loss During Menopause?

    Probiotics aren't a magic bullet for health and weight loss.

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    Sustainable Ways to Maintain Your Healthy Weight in Menopause

    Gaining weight during perimenopause is common. And sustainable lifestyle changes are the best way to lose it.

    Your Digestion: Menopause Edition

     Many women in peri/menopause experience increased gastrointestinal issues like bloating, nausea, indigestion, and irregularity.

    Vaginal Health: Help with Dryness, Pain, and Urinary Issues

    Estrogen fluctuations that occur during menopause can lead to vaginal symptoms from pain to dryness.

    Is Perimenopause Keeping You Up at Night?

    Have you found yourself tossing and turning at night? An unexpected culprit may be to blame: perimenopause. 

    Picking The Right SPF in Midlife

    As you get your beach bag ready, take a minute to rethink your SPF routine, too.  

    Our Favorite Films and TV Shows About Friendship

    Celebrate female friendship with our favorite movies and shows coming up this summer.

    Beet Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

    Beets are an early summer harvest favorite with their sweet yet earthy flavor and an impressive nutritional profile. 

    Better with Age: Gratitude Can Change Your Mindset

    One of the perks of getting older is that we are more emotionally stable and less impulsive, helping us...

    Berry Faux-jito Spritz

    Love mojitos but hate hangovers? Get the delight of sipping on something refreshing without the guilt.

    What Black Women Need To Know About Peri/Menopause

    Black women go through menopause at an earlier age, and have more symptoms. How can we get the care we...

    Changing How We Talk About "The Change"

    Open, honest discussion about peri/menopause is the first step to making this experience an empowering one.

    Sex Hygiene for UTI Prevention

    While premenopausal women only have a 16-36% recurrence rate for UTIs, that number jumps to 55% following menopause.   

    Know Your Nutrition: Soluble and Insoluble Fiber

    If you know anything about fiber, you know that you’re probably not getting enough of it. 

    Learn your family health history this month

    Most people have at least one chronic disease that runs through their family. If you can identify which diseases run...

    How Much Sleep Do You Need in Midlife?

    More than one in four middle-aged women reported having trouble falling and staying asleep four or more times throughout...

    All-Ages Representation in Fashion

    When we allow women to take up space, be bold, and be a part of the cultural narrative, it...

    Brain Fog and Perimenopause: How to Keep Cognition Strong

    Did you know that estrogen has an influence on how your brain functions? 

    Frozen Shoulder & Menopause: Are They Connected?

    Though the most common cause of frozen shoulder is keeping the shoulder immobile for a period of time, women over...

    Mammograms & Breast Exams: Know Your Options

    For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re talking about the importance of getting screened during your perimenopausal and menopausal years....

    The Many Faces of Menopause

    We’re talking mood swings for World Mental Health Day on October 10th  In 1959, Hollywood legend Joanne Woodward won...

    Why Menopause Parties Are Our New Favorite Trend

    In my home growing up, we did. I remember my mom made it a whole celebration with a special...

    How ovarian cancer can affect menopause

    What is ovarian cancer? To put it simply, cancer is the rapid overgrowth of cells. When it comes to...

    Throw Yourself a Menopause Shower… Why Not?!

    Remember in Sex and the City when Carrie bemoans how major celebrations in their lives revolve around marriage and...

    Suicide Awareness: Women and Menopause

    September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. We thought it prescient to bring this somber topic up considering some serious...