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    Can Probiotics Help with Weight Loss During Menopause?

    Can Probiotics Help with Weight Loss During Menopause?

    Probiotics aren't a magic bullet for health and weight loss.

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    How Probiotics Can Help Fight Hot Flashes

    Preventing and relieving hot flashes take multi-pronged approaches

    How To Ease Night Sweats

    Night sweats often contribute to sleep deprivation conditions, primarily insomnia, and it’s not hard to see why.

    Why Does Menopause Cause Hair Loss?

    Hair loss is a common symptom of perimenopause. But luckily, there are solutions.

    Best Solutions for Menopause Joint Pain

    Preventing joint pain is something you can do anytime — starting now. 

    Sustainable Ways to Maintain Your Healthy Weight in Menopause

    Gaining weight during perimenopause is common. And sustainable lifestyle changes are the best way to lose it.

    Your Digestion: Menopause Edition

     Many women in peri/menopause experience increased gastrointestinal issues like bloating, nausea, indigestion, and irregularity.

    What Black Women Need To Know About Peri/Menopause

    Black women go through menopause at an earlier age, and have more symptoms. How can we get the care we...

    Changing How We Talk About "The Change"

    Open, honest discussion about peri/menopause is the first step to making this experience an empowering one.

    Frozen Shoulder & Menopause: Are They Connected?

    Though the most common cause of frozen shoulder is keeping the shoulder immobile for a period of time, women over...

    Does Flying Affect Your Period?

    Many of us have heard that flying can make your period start or become delayed. And it's kind of...

    Is Menopause The Only Reason For Night Sweats?

    Have you started having night sweats and think it's just part of what happens in peri/menopause?  Not so fast! ...

    Muscle & Joint Pain During Menopause: Causes and How to Make it Easier

    Entering into menopause can wreak havoc on your muscles and joints. Find out about the cause of the pain, as...

    Can Stress Cause Hot Flashes? What You Need to Know

    Learn more about how stress can affect our symptoms during perimenopause or menopause — and why it happens. 

    Why Does Menopausal Gut Health Matter?

    Here are the three things you need to know about gut health during menopause.

    4 Reasons Why Your Menopause Symptoms May Return

    Menopause symptoms can return, even if you're taking steps to relieve them. Here are some reasons why your symptoms might...

    How to Know If You're in Perimenopause

    Your body starts going through hormonal changes early on. Estrogen levels can start fluctuating and dropping as early as...

    Why You Get Dizzy During a Hot Flash

    Of the many menopausal symptoms women will experience during their lifetimes, hot flashes can often be the most disorienting.

    Meditation Techniques to Alleviate Menopause Symptoms

    Meditation can help us manage emotions, sleep better, and even reduce hot flashes.

    Self-Care Tips for Dealing with Menopause Symptoms

    It's not helpful to you or anyone else is you ignore or minimize your symptoms. Rather, a solid self-care...