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    Read Our Perimenopause and Menopause Articles

    Explore articles related to menopause symptom relief, healthy eating, beauty, relationships, and more.

      Articles Related to Menopause - Mood

      Explore articles related to Mood in Menopuase

      Why You Get Dizzy During a Hot Flash

      Of the many menopausal symptoms women will experience during their lifetimes, hot flashes can often be the most ...

      6 Common Hot Flash Triggers

      Hot flashes. We all know them and hate them. Hot flashes are uncomfortable and frustrating.

      How to Communicate Sexual Needs with Your Partner

      Less than one-third of women in midlife feel comfortable talking about their sexual health problems with doctors...

      How I Stay Body Positive in Midlife - From Co-Founder Vanessa Ford

      I love the term body positivity. It wasn't around when I was growing up, and let me tell you, I cou...

      4 Common Sexual Health Issues for Women in Menopause

      As a society, we tend not to talk about sexual health in midlife and older age, especially women’s sexual health.

      Perimenopause and Intimacy: Lessons Learned by MenoLabs Co-founder Vanessa Ford

      My relationship with my body has always been complicated by the fact that I was sexually abused as a child.

      How Sunlight Can Help You Sleep

      You may not think that a lack of sunlight would be one of all the causes of insomnia and other sleep deprivation...

      Stress & Your Skin: Tips to Staying Calm and Glowing

      You may think that acne or dull skin may be caused entirely by bacteria or sunlight, but there's another culprit...

      Gifts to Give the Men in Your Life This Father's Day

      Father's Day is just around the corner, and many women are wondering what they can do to make this holiday speci...

      Experiencing Menopause From the Inside Out: 6 Keys to Bring Inner Peace Into Your Life

      Best-selling author and personal life coach, Roxana Jones M.S. & M.I.P.P. shares her insight into tackling m...

      What We Wish Our Mothers Had Told Us about Menopause

      What did your mother tell you about menopause? How many of us really know what the menopausal experience is like?

      10 Things to Do on Mother's Day for Empty Nesters

      For many mothers, empty nest syndrome can settle in very easily. Whether the kids are off to college, out of sta...

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