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    Can Probiotics Help with Weight Loss During Menopause?

    Can Probiotics Help with Weight Loss During Menopause?

    Probiotics aren't a magic bullet for health and weight loss.

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    Articles tagged with Nutrition

    Everything You Need to Know About Taking Probiotics

    Probiotics can help with a lot of peri/menopausal issues — but it pays to know the basics before you start...

    Foods and Recipes for Menopausal Women

    Perimenopause is a great time to update your diet with these nutrient-dense faves.

    Estrogen-Rich Foods to Try During Menopause

    A diet rich in foods with phytoestrogens may help alleviate symptoms caused by drops in estrogen levels.

    Fall Fruits and Veggies for Women to Eat During Perimenopause

    A lot of us think of summer as the season of fresh produce — but the fall boasts plenty...

    5 Foods & Snacks to Fight Fatigue

    A healthy, well-rounded diet with plenty of whole foods supports your body’s ability to perform at its highest throughout perimenopause.

    Goddess Glow Pre-Workout Matcha Latte

    This collagen-matcha latte recipe will fuel your summer workouts.

    How Much Water Do You Need in Midlife?

    As we get older, our hydration needs change.

    Beet Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

    Beets are an early summer harvest favorite with their sweet yet earthy flavor and an impressive nutritional profile. 

    Berry Faux-jito Spritz

    Love mojitos but hate hangovers? Get the delight of sipping on something refreshing without the guilt.

    Know Your Nutrition: Soluble and Insoluble Fiber

    If you know anything about fiber, you know that you’re probably not getting enough of it. 

    Vitamin D Deficiency and Menopause

    Without sufficient vitamin D, you are more susceptible to a variety of health issues including bone loss during menopause. 

    How to Gradually Start Eating Vegan/Vegetarian

    Eating a plant-based diet during peri/menopause can help to ease some of your symptoms. Read on for tips on...

    Why Vitamin K, Zinc, and B Vitamins Are Important In Perimenopause

    Perimenopause brings new nutrition requirements — including vitamin and mineral needs you may not have considered before.

    What Should I Eat for Breakfast During Perimenopause?

    Taking time to enjoy a healthy breakfast can seem like another task for the day. It's not a chore...

    How To Get Enough Fiber in Summer

    How can you get more fiber into your diet this summer? Read more to find out.

    How DIM May Help With Menopause Symptoms

    Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a natural compound that gets produced after eating certain vegetables. And some studies suggest that it...

    How A Nutritious Diet Can Support You in Perimenopause

    What nutrients do you really need during perimenopause?

    Top 10 Fiber-Rich Foods

    A fiber-rich diet can help you stay healthy. Here are 10 foods that are full of fiber, and excellent...

    4 Reasons to Eat More Fiber in Menopause

    Fiber can help support your overall health, from the gut to the brain.

    Can Probiotics Help with Weight Loss During Menopause?

    Probiotics aren't a magic bullet for health and weight loss.

    Foods That Interfere with Probiotics

    Probiotics are good bacteria that support the health of your gut and offer overall support to your immune system.

    How to Combat Sugar Cravings During Menopause

    The menopause transition can bring on sugar cravings — but there are ways to fight back.