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  • Five out of five stars rating

    I have been using MenoFit for over six months....and love love this product. I was having 15 to 20 hot flashes a day...about two weeks after starting it they were gone!!I would say I’ve had maybe two or three small hot flash episodes since. I rely on it so much. Visited my dr and I needed to add fiber to my diet...I’m now using Happy Fiber. I just got it and love the fact that I can stir it into ANYTHING I’m drinking. I put it in my hot tea in the morning (no bitter taste at all). I put two teaspoons in my flavored water in the afternoon. Also, I’ve had questions and the customer service with this company has been top notch. This company says they care....their customer service proves it! Well done!
    - Colleen R.

  • Five out of five stars rating

    It has made my quality of life so much better. My hot flashes and night sweats are gone. I quit taking pharmaceuticals and Menofit has changed my life, I'm so much happier and feel like me again. The customer service is amazing as well. I'm very impressed with the ladies of the company and their products!
    - Shelley M.

  • Five out of five stars rating

    I have struggled with the start of menopause for about 3 years now, I have taken multiple pharmaceutical drugs and hormone replacement therapies, with it only working the first month and then back to hot flashes and weight gain not to mention breaking my bank account. I came across Menofit via an advertisement on my Facebook. I tried it and it worked almost instantly, so I thought well after a month it will stop like every other drug I took. So I took it until it ran out and then the night sweats and hot flashes returned. I ordered Menofit again and this time, I haven't stopped. It has regulated my hot flashes and night sweats going on about 6 months now and I will never go back to pharma drugs or hormone therapy. It keeps my weight off and I would recommend it a thousand times over to anyone who might be doubtful. TRY IT you won't be sorry!
    - Angelena P.

  • Five out of five stars rating

    Great products with wonderful results and amazing customer service!! My entire family thanks you!!
    - Tricia M.

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      "Menolabs is the ultimate probiotic supplement specially formulated for menopausal women"

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      "A women-run startup that has proved to be the lifeline of a woman’s soul"

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      "These new products include patented probiotics, vitamins and herbs that replace numerous other supplements"

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      "When women share their menopause experiences, we start to fundamentally change society’s attitude toward it"

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      "Arming yourself with a plan to guide you through your menopause transition is the best way to keep you in control, rather than be at the whim of your fluctuating hormones"

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      "Vanessa believes that women can go through menopause with great success, even turning it into 'the best time of their lives'"

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    Bundle & Save $36

    Fresh Start

    Metabolism Jump Start

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    Ultimate metabolism bundle which includes MenoFit, Happy Fiber, Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide, eBook & app.

    Sale price $139 Regular price $269.84

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    Fit & Happy

    Fiber + Probiotic for Healthy Weight

    30 Day Supply of Each

    Bundle of our best selling menopause probiotic supplement MenoFit and the prebiotic Happy Fiber.

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    Non-Habit Forming

    Well Rested

    Sleep Aid for Women

    60 Capsules per bottle

    Calm your mind, fall & stay asleep and wake up refreshed with our advanced 7 ingredient sleep aid.*

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    Relief For ALL Women During ALL Stages of Menopause

    “Menopause clearly changes your microbiome and, without a healthy gut microbiome, everything else in the body suffers.”
    Co-Founder, John P. Konhilas, Ph.D

    Take your life back script lettering MenoLabs

    Co-founders, Vanessa and Danielle, want women in menopause to feel like themselves again, and be the healthiest, best version of themselves - through their menopause journey and beyond.

    Every woman deserves to find her inner goddess!

    Effective Relief

    Overall health in midlife, and beyond

    As busy women we want simple answers, effective relief, and more information when it comes to our health. At MenoLabs we have made it our mission to bring those solutions to women across the United States. Whether you are in premenopause, perimenopause, menopause or postmenopause, we have science-based, highly researched, effective solutions to bring you relief, so you can keep living your life - without menopause symptoms getting in the way.

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    Your One-Stop Menopause App

    Wish you had a place to track your menopause symptoms, get answers about your health concerns, and connect with women going through the same things you are? The MenoLife™ mobile app is for women who are ready to conquer life in menopause.

    • Record your menopause symptoms
    • Review your trend lines
    • See how your symptoms compare to other women
    • Understand what might be triggering your symptoms
    • Connect and chat with thousands of other women in peri/menopause
    • And much more!
    Learn more

    How to Master Menopause

    How to Master Menopause is a blueprint that can help you manage your symptoms and improve your overall health. Every woman's life experience is different, and menopause is no exception. With the right tools, you can become the master of your menopause with ease. Vanessa Ford and Danielle Jacobs, CoFounders of MenoLabs, have created this detailed guide to help you through.

    At MenoLabs we believe women deserve the best, most-informed, well-researched tools to manage their health.

    Menopause Resources

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Yes, MenoFit is considered among the best natural supplements for women in perimenopause and menopause and is formulated to help manage hot flashes, night sweats, balancing hormones, belly fat, healthier weight, improving metabolism, boosting overall mood and improving gut and immune health*. Reviews of MenoFit...

      • Menopause is defined by 12 consecutive months without a period. Early signs of menopause (perimenopause) can include weight fluctuations, irritability, mood swings, increased stress, low energy, lack of focus, trouble sleeping, and more pronounced symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, and irregular periods.

      • Common menopause symptoms can include night sweats, hot flashes, irregular periods, mood swings, low energy, sleep disturbances, brain fog, and thinning hair as a result of changing levels of ovarian hormones in your body.

      • Natural phytoestrogens, DIM, a change in diet, improved microbiome health, low levels of black cohosh, and complete probiotics with a high-fiber, whole-grain, plant-based diet can naturally support relief from the severity of menopause symptoms, and many women discuss these with their doctors as alternatives to, or in conjunction with, HRT or other commonly used alternatives.