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Fresh Start

Metabolism Jump Start

Are you ready to be Fit & Happy? MenoFit and Happy Fiber are a powerhouse combo. This package includes 3 bottles of MenoFit, 3 bags of Happy Fiber, our 90 day fitness and nutrition guides, free premium access to our health tracking app, MenoLife, as well as our eBook, How to Master Menopause.

    • Reduce Hot Flashes*
    • Reduce Night Sweats*
    • Healthy Weight*
    • Improve Mood*
    • Gut / Microbiome Health*
    • Digestive Regularity*
    • Curbed Appetite*
    • Metabolism Support*


    A doctor-formulated blend to support a healthy microbiome and menopause symptom relief.1*

    • Bifidobacterium Animalis: Supports Weight Management and Hormone Balance*
    • Lactobacillus Gasseri: Mood, Digestion, and Immune Support*
    • Lactobacillus Plantarum: Aids Weight Management*
    • Lactobacillus Reuteri: Supports Weight Management, Metabolism, and Immune System*


    A prebiotic blend formulated to stabilize and support the potential efficacy of the nutrient supplements and probiotics in our formulation.

    • Organic Jerusalem Artichoke (inulin): Food for “Good” Gut Bacteria*
    • Tocotrienols Complex: Supports Bone Health*
    • Calcium Carbonate: Supports Bone Health*
    • Organic Acacia Gum: Aids Weight Management and Cholesterol Management*
    • Resveratrol: Contributes to Healthy Aging*
    • Sunflower Lecithin: Aids Heart Health and Cholesterol Management*


    Naturally sourced herbs that help with menopause symptoms and support healthy aging.

    • Red Clover: Helps with Hot Flashes and Hormone Balance*
    • Bitter Melon Fruit Extract: Helps Support Metabolism*
    • Barberry Extract (90% Berberine): Can Help in Balancing Cholesterol*
    • R-alpha-lipoic Acid: Supports Healthy Aging*
    • Chasteberry Extract: Helps Alleviate Mood Swings*
    • Dong Quai Root Extract: Helps Alleviate Hot Flashes*
    • Magnolia Bark Extract: Menopause Symptom Support*
    • Astaxanthin Complex (Algae Derived): Provides Antioxidants*


    Targeted ingredients that women in all stages of menopause might need a little more of.

    • Vitamin C (as zinc ascorbate): Immune Support*
    • Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol): Supports Sleep, Bone, and Immune Health*
    • Vitamin K2 (MK7): Reinforces Bone Health*
    • Riboflavin (as Riboflavin-5-phosphate (coenzyme vitamin B2)): Antioxidant that Fights Free Radicals*
    • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (coenzyme vitamin B6)): Promotes Improved Mood*
    • Methylated Folate (as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate): Supports Energy Production, Hair, Skin, and Nails*
    • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin): Nervous System Support*
    • Zinc (as zinc ascorbate): Healthy Aging and Immune System Support*
    • Benfotiamine: Nervous System Support*


    • Vegetable Capsule (Hypromellose)



    • Jerusalem Artichoke: Contains high amounts of inulin, a prebiotic that helps slow down digestion and extract more nutrients from food.*
    • Fructooligosaccharides: A type of prebiotic carbohydrate that acts as a food source for your gut bacteria and can help stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria.*
    • Corn Dextrin: A source of soluble fiber produced from starch that can help support healthy cholesterol.*


    • L-Tyrosine: A naturally produced amino acid that can help improve and stabilize mood. Tyrosine is better absorbed in your body with the help of fiber, making it the perfect pairing with our fiber blend.

    • Take 2 capsules every morning with food
    • Each bottle contains a 30-day supply (60 capsules)
    • For best results use daily
    • Relief in as little 30 days, optimal results within 60-90 days
    • Results improve with continued use
    • Store in a cool dry place
    • Refrigeration is not required


    • Recommended usage: 1-3 times a day
    • Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon (3.3 grams)
    • Each bag contains 60 servings
    • Use daily to help balance microbiome and mood
    • Enjoy with your favorite foods and cold beverages
    • Blend, mix, shake or stir

A Woman’s Life is Hectic

Between family, work, finances, friends - it's all a little overwhelming. So it's no wonder we put ourselves last. But that means that our stress builds up, our energy levels drop, our weight starts creeping up, we lose muscle tone, and it all adds up until our mood swings and anxiety are through the roof. 

We know it’s a vicious cycle: we’re tired, so we feel worse, so we don’t take the time to prepare a healthy meal, so we eat worse, and we move less, and our stress builds up, so we sleep less, and we’re tired, so we feel worse, and it Just. Keeps. Repeating.

The way to disrupt this cycle isn’t in your head, or on in a gym, it’s in your GUT. The bacteria populations that live in your gut impact everything: from weight and hunger, to energy and mood. They are little factories that release critical natural substances into our bloodstream, and when they are out of balance, we are out of balance.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

You can turn your life around. You can commit to your health, yourself, and your future. You can change the rest of your life for the better, starting with a simple change.

  • What if there was a foundation to health that most people ignored?

  • What if, it was a simple as a few key changes to turn this powerhouse of health back on?

  • What if you could change your health in a sustainable way so that your weight, hunger, sleep, and mood all improved, for the long term?

  • Would you commit to that simple change?

Founder's Journey -

Like most women, I struggle with weight gain. I’ve been using the combo of MenoFit and Happy Fiber for the last three months, and am delighted to say that I have lost 25 pounds!**

  • I am seeing all kinds of positive changes.

  • I feel full all morning long, which helps me make good food choices.

  • My tastes have changed and I am craving healthy food.

  • My mood is phenomenal, even during PMS time!

  • My energy is great.

  • I am exercising on a regular basis.

  • 5 Star Rating from Marnie

    I love this product! Only been on for a week and a half and I feel so much better. My overall mood is better, my energy increased, and I have already lost several pounds. I have been recommending to friends and family. Its not often you find a product that works so well and so quickly!
    - Marnie

  • 5 Star Rating from Kalani

    Worth the money - Added this to orange juice or any fruit juice in the morning, blends well, and has no after taste, makes me feel full for hours, will definitely buy again
    - Kalani

  • 5 Star Rating from J

    I don't normally write reviews but I feel like I have to for this product. I am 50 and in the "middle" of menopause. I have been having terrible hot flashes for about 2 years and after taking Menofit for just one week, I am almost hot flash free! I also have been sleeping a little better and feel like I have more energy overall. So far this purchase has been totally worth it for me!
    - J.

  • 5 Star Rating from N M

    I started taking MenoFit with Well Rested and Happy Fiber over 2 months ago and my hot flashes are gone completely. I am in perimenopause (very close to menopause) and feel more healthy and I have so much more energy. If you are skeptical and suffering from belly weight gain and lack of sleep I would try these supplements. Combined with regular exercise and a whole food diet, I feel so much more healthy and feel like I have the tools to get through this transition!
    - N.M.

    Founder's Journey -

    2020 was been a rough one all around, and for me, it was also a year of grief. I lost my grandmother, who was the most influential person in my life. It hit me hard, and my coping mechanism was food. I put on 15 pounds in just a couple of weeks, trying to process my profound grief.

    But I am happy to say that 30 days into my Fit and Happy journey, I have lost 12 pounds! And there are even more great things I am noticing:**

    • Vegetables taste amazing now.

    • I don’t have sugar cravings at all.

    • I find myself singing and dancing around the house for no reason. I just feel happy!

    • My energy is through the roof.

    • And I didn’t put on my usual 5 to 7 holiday pounds!


    MenoFit is our 28 ingredient, doctor-formulated, all natural, proprietary probiotic and herbal supplement that helps:

    • Maintain a healthy weight*

    • Aid metabolism*

    • Process sugars and nutrients more effectively*

    • Reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes*

    Happy Fiber

    Happy Fiber is our unique, proprietary fiber and amino acid supplement. It is designed to feed the probiotics in MenoFit and also help:

    • Slow down digestion and extract more nutrients from food*

    • Stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your gut*

    • Lower blood sugar levels and help reduce LDL cholesterol*

    • Improve and stabilize mood*

    Quick Start Exercise & Nutrition Guides

    Proper exercise and nutrition is key to being as healthy as possible, but it can be difficult to know where to start. A combination of proper nutrition, moving more, taking the right probiotics, and eating fiber can do wonders for a woman’s health.

    • A portion-focused eating plan without elaborate calculations or weighing

    • Focus on eating the right foods and in the right amounts for you

    • A fun, low-impact, full body exercise guide to help you get moving

    • Moving is critical to keep you healthy

    MenoLife Premium App Access

    This quick start package gives you everything you need to transform your health, and a premium health tracking app to prove that it is working.

    • Take control of your Journey

    • Track your symptoms, periods, and other health information

    • See your personal trendlines and create custom symptoms

    • Connect with friends and supportive groups

    How to Master Menopause eBook

    This detailed guide will help you:

    • Identify the most common menopausal symptoms

    • Give scientific insight into your body's changes

    • Provide methods and solutions to reducing menopausal symptoms and improving overall health

    • Explain the research behind the microbiome and how it affects your health

    • Illustrate the power of probiotics to change not only menopause but your mood, immune system, and heart health

    Dr. John Konhilas, PhD and Leading Women's Health Researcher

    After decades of study on the gut microbiome, I am confident that it is responsible for nearly 1/3 of your overall health. From immune health and heart health, to nutrient sensing, weight gain and sugar metabolism, all the way to mood, anxiety and sleep improvements - if your gut is out of balance, your health is out of balance.

    - Dr. John Konhilas, PhD and Leading Women's Health Researcher

    Why It Works

    Probiotics eat fiber, and in the process they produce little metabolomic compounds that do things like regulate blood sugar metabolism, help tell the brain that you have eaten enough food, boost your mood, recycle hormones, reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation and support your immune system.

    Those pounds you keep fighting? That fight is about to be won.

    With a few small changes, your health, energy, weight, mood and life can all improve. It simply takes fixing something that the American diet has broken.

    No fad diets, no crazy workout regimens, no prescription.

    Just two capsules and two spoonfuls daily with a few small changes to diet and movement.

    Sound like magic? It isn’t.

    And it doesn’t take years to see the fix working. It just takes the right system. And that system is Fit & Happy!

    We call it Fit & Happy, not just because that is how you will feel, but because it's a combination of the right tools to help your microbiome rebuild its foundation.

    You Can Change It All

    This all natural process can help you feel better, from the inside out!

    What you can expect

    When you start to give your body the RIGHT bacteria, like those found in MenoFit, and feed it with the RIGHT fibers, like those found in Happy Fiber, you’ll soon notice changes:

    Your sugar cravings fade.

    The gut becomes populated with more bacteria that don’t make you crave sugar. In fact, that new bacteria will want you to eat vegetables, fruits and fiber rich foods, and it will send signals to your brain to eat more of those things.

    You have more energy.

    The B vitamins in MenoFit give you the boost of what you need, and fiber will help your digestive system move waste through your body, helping you feel less sluggish.

    Your mood is balanced, you feel happier and more motivated.

    The body can start to even out hormone fluctuations. That means things like mood swings and hot flashes can be addressed.

    We’ve combined the RIGHT probiotic with the RIGHT fibers, and added L-Tyrosine, an amino acid that helps your body produce the “happiness hormone” dopamine, so you can feel happier, too!

    The MenoLabs Difference

    • Safe & Hormone-Free

    • No Prescription Needed

    • All Natural Ingredients

    • No Artificial Flavors or Colors

    • Stimulant & Caffeine Free

    • 25 Billion CFU

    Maximize Your Results

    LOVE your body

    It's the only one you have. Treat it well. Respect it. Love it!

    EAT well

    Good health starts with good nutrition. Feed your body what it needs: fiber-rich foods and the right probiotics are a great start!

    HYDRATE often

    Water is critical to keeping your entire body healthy and running smoothly. It’s also great for your skin health!

    MOVE daily

    Sedentary lifestyles are as bad for you as smoking. Move every day to keep your body active and healthy.

    Repeat for LIFE


    Jenn L.

    It gives me that little extra push that I need to keep my metabolism in check, to keep my weight balanced, to keep my mood and energy on par, and as well as that mental clarity. So I highly recommend checking it out.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 286 reviews
    Give it a try

    I have been using MenoFit for about a month and it works very well for hot flashes and menopause symptoms. I would recommend them their are not side effects and makes you feel much better in a short period of time. All the products that I have tried have worked very well.



    Give it a try , it works !!!!!

    I have been taking this for 2 weeks . I’m impressed !
    I had a complete hysterectomy like 30 yrs ago. Have been taking bio identical HRT for several years . Because of breast cancer in my family I have tired to go off the HRT but could not tolerate the hot flashes , anxiety, etc.
    So I tired this for 2 weeks & almost no hot flashes & I have more energy . Have not noticed any weight loss yet !

    This actually works!!!

    Felt like shit, took Menofit and feeling great ever since. :) Wonderful product!

    Fantastic products

    my mother at 84 has suffered from hot flashes since her 40's On medicine most her life has finally stopped because of the price and the damage to her kidneys. I bought her menofit and menoglow. amazing results in the last couple of weeks. almost completely gone with hot flashes. She is able to get her day going, dressed, energy and ready. Clarity is good as well! As for me I was starting to get hot flashes. After the menofit and menoglow they are gone in less than a week. I've ordered and recieved today the goddess glow and Athena shield and can't wait to add these tomorrow! Thank you so much for giving me my mom back and me the ability to handle menopause in a different way then she had to all those years ago!!!!!

    YES, it WORKS!

    I'm on day 4 of Menofit and Athena's Shield. I definitely feel better. What really made my day was my husband noticing! Yesterday he said, "You seem better; not so jumpy." My advice would be to download the app after you purchase, BEFORE you get the product. This way, you can log your symptoms and see the changes after you start taking it. I'm so glad that I took a leap of faith and bought this.


    I've been using Menofit, Happy Fiber and the Collagen for three months. I feel so much better. I'm in premenopause so I was just beginning to notice symptoms. I wish I would've found this sooner.

    Sonia Perdomo
    The greatest products Menolabs

    I want to say to all women out there that are going through menopause, these product from Meno Labs are the best products out there. I take Meno fit and Meno glow for a year plus now and I feel so much better. I also have lots of friends that are customers too and they love the products:) Thank you very much to the MenoLabs team. Keep up the good work...

    Kim Kim
    Now where is it made?

    Shipping is by DHL, is it made in China?

    Lisa Walker
    Buy this today!

    I never write reviews! I have been using this for a few weeks and I love it! I usually respond quickly to supplements so I noticed a difference right away. I felt more energetic, but not in an artifical way. I was tired at night when I went to bed- not jittery and wired. The hot flashes were better almost immediately, just a few here and there. I had to stop taking this for a few days because of a scheduled procedure, and I could tell! I couldnt wait to get back on my routine. I am sold, and want anyone that struggles with hormone symptoms to try this!! I have tried other supplements. They might work, but I had to supplement, the supplement. This is the only thing I have to take! So I am actually saving money. Thank you! Cant wait to try the other items. I love the app too. I use it every morning!