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Does MenoFit actually work to relieve the symptoms of menopause?

After two decades of women's health and microbiome research we've developed the most advanced, all natural multi-symptom menopause relief available on the market that effectively works to alleviate hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and hormone related weight gain. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee and caring and responsive customer support. We think our products are the best in the market, but what do our customers say? We've shared testimonials and feedback from real customers that absolutely love MenoFit and would like to share their stories with you.

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Video Testimonials From Verified Buyers

  • "Im noticing that I have more energy and the weight is finally starting to drop off...but for me the greatest thing is that I'm no longer on any HRT."

    Lynn Verified Buyer
  • "This has helped me significantly, especially with hot flashes, because that’s what I most dealt with."

    Marci Verified Buyer
  • "I mentioned it to my GYN...and she completely approved of me taking MenoFit and it's keeping me off of HRT.

    Melanie Verified Buyer
  • "It gives me that little extra push that I need to keep my metabolism in check, to keep my weight balance, to keep my mood and energy on par, as well as that mental clarity."

    Jenn Verified Buyer
  • "It actually helped me lose a couple pounds during these last few weeks of quarantine."

    Dawn Verified Buyer
  • "It helps me to balance my metabolism and to process sugars and nutrients more effectively."

    Olga Verified Buyer
  • "Since Day 1, I noticed MenoFit was working for me. I was sleeping through the night, I have more energy, and I'm losing weight."

    Darci Verified Buyer
  • I just woke up from a wonderful night of sleep... it helps reduce the frequency and severity of my hot flashes and night sweats.

    Cynthia Verified Buyer
  • "..the final thing is I've just noticed is that my stomach is getting flatter and that's something that I've really been struggling with."

    Nissa Verified Buyer
  • Since I've started taking these supplements a few months ago, I could not tell you the difference that it made in my life, and the quality of improvements in my pre-menopausal symptoms.

    Krisztina Verified Buyer

    MenoFit Exposed 2021: "Real Product Reviews From Real Women"

    We see these type of headlines about our company asking "Does MenoFit Really Work?" often posted by fake review sites trying to sell other products. We understand that's how search engines work and our company works very hard  to maintain our reputation and support our customers. The short answer is YES, MenoFit works really well. Our CoFounder, Dr. John Kohnilas has invested two decades of scientific research into creating the most advanced menopause symptom relief formula on the market using 28 custom blended ingredients and the highest quality probiotics to create MenoFit, MenoGlow, Happy Fiber and we take this same approach with each of our premium products. As a women owned company, we also use our own products every day and share our own journey in our newsletters and on our social channels. Join us on our free MENOLIFE mobile app to connect with us, and find support and relief. 

    We would love to share a few reviews from a few of the 100,000 women that we helped with menopause symptom relief in 2020. Vanessa and Danielle read every review that we receive and many of the support tickets that come through our customer care department. Above all, we understand the pain and disruption that women just like us go through during perimenopause and menopause because we've experienced it too. MenoLabs CoFounders, Danielle Jacobs and Vanessa Ford are changing the way women manage the symptoms of menopause. 

    We don't believe that hormone replacement therapy and antidepressants are the answer to menopause and we've proven that there IS a MUCH better, all natural solution. This is our most popular combination that we think you'll love: Happy Fiber + MenoFit Complete Probiotic for symptom relief plus weight management.

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    Happy Fiber
    Dawn P
    It’s a game changer

    Early 30s currently in what is referred to as surgical menopause. Ordered menofit and it has really reduced both night sweats and hot flashes.
    I’m looking for other things to try

    Well Rested
    Maribel Reyes
    This stuff works!

    To all the peri menopausal or menopausal gals out there- this stuff works! I’m on my second bottle. I was reluctant to try, thought hot flashes was just something I had to go through. Now they’re practicality gone! The sleep aid helps too. Uninterrupted sleep is a beautiful thing. I highly recommend. Not to mention my jeans are fitting loose around the waist. Stay consistent, do not give up on your first bottle. Keep taking the probiotic and the fiber to see results!!

    Don't wait!

    I was skeptical and I'm very weird about the supplements I take. Listen, it took me 6 months to decide on Menolabs. I'm very picky. So, I took the plunge because my mood swings are horrific. My sleep and gut balance was off. I knew I needed to do something and now. I know I've only taken these products, I got the bundle, for just 5 days. This is working. I slept completely through the night in months maybe years last night. Woke up refreshed with energy! Love the collagen in my coffee. Mixes right in. I feel fuller longer and my mood is getting better just within the first 5 days. The only thing I wish I'd done sooner was take these supplements 6 months ago. Truly should have after my partial hysterectomy. That's what caused all of issues really early in my late 30s instead of normal menopause. I'm praying this continues to be a blessing to me and to others. Just try it, you'll be surprised.

    MenoFit (VIP)
    Lisa Barker
    IT WORKS ! Quality ingredients! My gut is so happy !

    In April I started noticing hormonal imbalances. I just turned 50 and I was full of anxiety , hot flashes and bloat ! I tried another natural product which helped a little but my gut wasn’t happy. I saw this on Facebook and was drawn to the probiotic aspect. I am an RN of 25 years with a degree in naturopath medicine.I’ve always supplemented and always have taken a probiotic. My old probiotic was not equipped to metabolize estrogen. This one IS ! I have lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks, NO BLOAT and I have nearly no hot flashes except around the time I would normally start my period. I plan to incorporate DIM with Menofit ASAP I can’t wait to see even more improvements. These are quality ingredients and the safest combo I have came across in all my studies. Thank you Menolabs !

    Goddess Glow Beauty Collagen
    Bebe Ellingsworth
    This Goddess is glowing!

    Turn back the clock with Goddess Glow! Shinier, thicker hair, my finger nails growing strong and long and I've got an honest to goodness glow about me! The skin on my hands have lost that crepe look and my neck is firmer! A scoop in my morning mocha makes my drink all smooth and silky...can you imagine what it's doing for your insides?! I swear my joints aren't as creaky and my knees aren't snap, crackle and popping down the stairs! Another Menolabs product building me up from the inside out! I am shouting from the rooftops! Thank you, ladies!

    True relief for hot flashes and night sweats

    Thank you! I have a couple of chronic pain conditions and often try natural remedies with little, if any, success. For several months, I’ve been truly miserable with severe hot flashes and night sweats. Wishing 3 weeks of starting MenoFit, my hot flashes and night sweats have been reduced 90%. I am so thankful for this product and will be trying some of the other products as soon as I am able.

    Holiday Super Bundle
    Stacia DeRaedt
    Results within one day

    I had been suffering with nighttime sweats and ear ringing headaches for a long time. I had tried different products with some degree of help. The headaches eventually got so bad that I decided to make the purchase of the Holiday Super Bundle. I am very glad I did! I had relief from the night sweats and the ringing headaches by that evening. The sweats have stayed away and I had one headache after three weeks of being headache free...And the intensity was by half and resolved fairly quickly. I would recommend this bundle to anyone suffering from these symptoms. I am very happy I decided to try this brand of natural menopause relief.

    Stephanie Goodrich
    No more hot flashes or night sweats

    I have been taking Menofit for nearly two weeks. I was so desperate for some relief from my hot flashes and night sweats that I took the two probiotics as instructed, but added a third in the afternoon. Within the first week, my hot flashes and night sweats were completely eliminated. I am just amazed and so pleasantly surprised. I stopped counting how many times I was waking up each night sweating.

    Fortunately I had not had much experience yet with the other menopause issues. I am definitely feeling happier, but I attribute that to some improvements in my sleep from not waking up quite as often.

    Thank you so much for this product. I have tried so many other over the counter products that all have had zero impact over the last year.

    Rachel Tackit
    Helpful for post-hysterectomy

    Are you suffering from symptoms like weight gain, hot flashes, or night sweats? The products offered by MenoLabs are designed to promote general female health, with the best of them intended to help with menopause. This MenoFit review provides details on how the product helps alleviate symptoms of menopause and my experiences with the supplements.

    What is MenoFit? MenoFit is a probiotic supplement designed to help relieve menopause symptoms. How does MenoFit work? MenoFit contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that were specifically identified and proven to address menopausal symptoms. Specifically, MenoFit is design to help with:

    Reduce Hot Flashes
    Weight Loss
    Boost Metabolism
    Balance Mood
    Reduce Night Sweats
    Gut / Microbiome Health
    Bone and Joint Health
    Increase Mental Clarity
    Immune Health
    Heart Health
    I started taking MenoFit after suffering some night sweats, weight gain, and having mood swings a year after my hysterectomy. My primary care provider recommended I try the MenoFit supplements even though I was not necessarily in menopause due to having reduced hormones from the hysterectomy.

    That was over one year ago. I’ve been using MenoLabs supplements daily ever since. I’ve tried MenoFit, MenoGlow, Well Rested, and Athena’s Shield. I have found they all work as advertised, and work better the more days used consistently. Now that I’ve reached one year of use I have found that I no longer suffer from night sweats and my mood swings have calmed down. If you’re looking for a natural solution to your menopause symptoms, then I highly recommend giving these supplements a try.

    Goddess Glow is great!

    After 2 wks of using Goddess Glow Ive been noticing improvement in my hair my hair is very thin and now feels thicker and new hair is growing where I was loosing and getting very thin hair. Even my hairdresser noticed! Thankyou so much do recommend it!

    Life changing

    Been taking Menofit for 2.5months and wow, what a difference. This product has helped eliminate hot flashes, mood changes and the dreaded unexplained weight gain. Adding this to proper diet and exercise has helped me handle periomenopause symptoms without the use of HRT. That you Menolabs for giving us an alternative/holistic approach in managing this stage of our lives. Would definitely recommend. Great product, exceptional customer service.

    Best sleep aid EVER

    This is the best, most effective sleep aid I've ever used. I find that even if I take it mid way through the night, it still does the trick without ANY groggy feeling the next day. Just wonderful sleep!

    Claire Miller
    Life Changing

    I was extremely skeptical, but after 3 weeks I realized I wasn't having hot flashes any longer. I have recommended it to many others and they have been very pleased as well. Thanks, Menofit for a natural solution!

    Beauty Rest
    Greg Rhodes
    Best sleep ever!!

    Well Rested is truly amazing to help you get the healthy care you need

    The GLOW is for real!

    I love MenoGlow. My skin literally glows when I take these probiotics. After about a month on them people I hadn't seen in a few weeks started doing double takes and telling me how pretty I looked. My Aunt even told my mother I looked so healthy and happy and that I was 'glowing'. It was the MenoGlow. Personally I prefer these over the MenoFit.

    Hot flashes gone

    I started taking MenoFit with Well Rested and Happy Fiber over 2 months ago and my hot flashes are gone completely. I am in perimenopause (very close to menopause) and feel more healthy and I have so much more energy. If you are skeptical and suffering from belly weight gain and lack of sleep I would try these supplements. Combined with regular exercise and a whole food diet, I feel so much more healthy and feel like I have the tools to get through this transition!

    Karen L
    Life changing product

    I started using Menofit a month ago and I’m seeing noticeable results! I have noticed weight loss, lessen fatigue, lessen hot flashes and heightened libido. Since using this supplement I’m able to sleep throughout the night!

    rebekka eidsvik
    Very pleased!

    I've been using Menofit for almost 3 months. I love it! It seems to really help with hot flashes and night sweats and I've lost 8 pounds without much effort. So happy to have found a product that works as advertised.

    Fit & Happy
    carrie g.
    Wonderful products!!

    Started using menofit, happy fiber & goddess glow daily - a few months ago & have had great results with peri menopause symptoms!

    Jacque Garcia
    Symptom free!

    Amazing product, I fully recommend to help reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause. Within first week, all my symptoms were gone. Just completed the first 30 days and customer service helped me out when my 2nd bottle was destroyed. Great company, awesome customer service and absolutely amazing product! 10 stars!!

    Fit & Happy
    Sara Reynders
    Complete Relief!

    I was so skeptical that this would would work especially when, after taking MenoFit and Happy Fiber for 2 months, I saw no improvements in my hot flashes and night sweats at all. But I had committed to trying this for 3 months so I kept taking these faithfully every day. It has now been over 4 months and I cannot remember the last time I had a hot flash or night sweat! Mine were so severe that I would be drenched in sweat day and night. I can hardly remember now what that felt like. I feel like I have my life back and am so grateful! Highly, highly recommend!

    Suzanne Colon
    It’s working

    I have been taking Menofit for 5 days now and my hot flashes have already become less frequent and less harsh. Even better I’ve slept all night for the past two nights. If this is in less than a week I can’t wait to see what being on it for a month will look like. Thank you so much

    Well Rested
    Laura Kirschmann
    Relaxed and ready to start my day

    I have taken Well Rested (2 capsules each night) for the last two nights. Not only did I fall asleep faster than normal, I stayed asleep longer and woke up feeling relaxed and ready to start my day. As long as it works, I will continue to use it.

    Fit & Happy
    Rachel Cox
    Great product and 5 star customer service

    Started with Menofit and then added the bundle with the Fiber. Loving it! Noticed a difference quickly with the starting of hot flashes and mood! Highly recommend for amazing natural products that help ease the glorious path we women get with aging and menopause. Customer service is stellar with rectifying an issue I made while ordering. Thank you Menolabs!

    Rhonda Crawford
    Game Changer

    This is the product you’ve been waiting for, stop waiting! I had the best cycle and digestion while on this product. Sleep was easier and I felt more energetic each day!