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Does MenoFit actually work to relieve the symptoms of menopause?

After two decades of women's health and microbiome research we've developed the most advanced, naturally sourced multi-symptom menopause relief available on the market that effectively works to alleviate hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and hormone related weight gain. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee and caring and responsive customer support. We think our products are the best in the market, but what do our customers say? We've shared testimonials and feedback from real customers that absolutely love MenoFit and would like to share their stories with you.

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Video Testimonials From Verified Buyers

  • "Im noticing that I have more energy and the weight is finally starting to drop off...but for me the greatest thing is that I'm no longer on any HRT."

    Lynn Verified Buyer
  • "This has helped me significantly, especially with hot flashes, because that’s what I most dealt with."

    Marci Verified Buyer
  • "I mentioned it to my GYN...and she completely approved of me taking MenoFit and it's keeping me off of HRT.

    Melanie Verified Buyer
  • "It gives me that little extra push that I need to keep my metabolism in check, to keep my weight balance, to keep my mood and energy on par, as well as that mental clarity."

    Jenn Verified Buyer
  • "It actually helped me lose a couple pounds during these last few weeks of quarantine."

    Dawn Verified Buyer
  • "It helps me to balance my metabolism and to process sugars and nutrients more effectively."

    Olga Verified Buyer
  • "Since Day 1, I noticed MenoFit was working for me. I was sleeping through the night, I have more energy, and I'm losing weight."

    Darci Verified Buyer
  • I just woke up from a wonderful night of sleep... it helps reduce the frequency and severity of my hot flashes and night sweats.

    Cynthia Verified Buyer
  • "..the final thing is I've just noticed is that my stomach is getting flatter and that's something that I've really been struggling with."

    Nissa Verified Buyer
  • Since I've started taking these supplements a few months ago, I could not tell you the difference that it made in my life, and the quality of improvements in my pre-menopausal symptoms.

    Krisztina Verified Buyer

    MenoFit Exposed 2021: "Real Product Reviews From Real Women"

    We see these type of headlines about our company asking "Does MenoFit Really Work?" often posted by fake review sites trying to sell other products. We understand that's how search engines work and our company works very hard  to maintain our reputation and support our customers. The short answer is YES, MenoFit works really well. Our CoFounder, Dr. John Kohnilas has invested two decades of scientific research into creating the most advanced menopause symptom relief formula on the market using 28 custom blended ingredients and the highest quality probiotics to create MenoFit, MenoGlow, Happy Fiber and we take this same approach with each of our premium products. As a women owned company, we also use our own products every day and share our own journey in our newsletters and on our social channels. Join us on our free MENOLIFE mobile app to connect with us, and find support and relief. 

    We would love to share a few reviews from a few of the 100,000 women that we helped with menopause symptom relief in 2020. Vanessa and Danielle read every review that we receive and many of the support tickets that come through our customer care department. Above all, we understand the pain and disruption that women just like us go through during perimenopause and menopause because we've experienced it too. MenoLabs CoFounders, Danielle Jacobs and Vanessa Ford are changing the way women manage the symptoms of menopause. 

    We don't believe that hormone replacement therapy and antidepressants are the answer to menopause and we've proven that there IS a MUCH better, all natural solution. This is our most popular combination that we think you'll love: Happy Fiber + MenoFit Complete Probiotic for symptom relief plus weight management.

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    My daily must-have!

    This stuff is truly a game changer! I’m 45 and am still early in perimenopause. I use two scoops in my coffee every morning. Zero taste to it even with just water. At first I didn’t get the subscription. Big misstep. After finishing my first bag I had week where I had a lapse in use. Within two days my joints were back to being sore (especially in the morning) and my skin on my face, neck, and chest began to look lackluster. Then I had a hormonal break out. Within two days of using it again the soreness was gone and my skin was on the mend. I use this daily alongside MenoFit and feel so supported on the inside. These products really do work. Get the subscription!

    Well Rested
    Lisa S
    Very Pleased

    I have a difficult time falling asleep because of racing thoughts. I was gifted this free from Influenster and Menolabs. I was pretty sure it wouldn't help. I was wrong. I take it an hour before bed. I get calming and my racing thoughts are much more infrequent. I also have a hard time going back to sleep if I wake up. This was the game changer for me. I go back to sleep really quickly. I absolutely recommend trying Well Rested to see if it helps. I am very pleased.

    Luz sanchez
    Awesome 👍

    I give 5 star and more ⭐🌟🌟 ⭐⭐ and more 🌟🌟⭐⭐🌟🌟 ⭐ it the best pills ever for manapause, my sister purchased for me and as soon my body started working out the pill *WOW,* IT WAS HEAVENLY, IT WORKED SO GOOD, AND THE RELIEF FROM THE BEST PILLS EER, I WORKED AWSOME, I WAKE UP DRINK MY COFFEE AND FEEL AWSOME, NO MORE WAKING UP WET, OR HOT FLASHES GONE, MY MOOD HAPPY NOT ANGRY, THE BEST MENOFIT EVER, BEEN DRINKING 3 MONTHS AND I WILL RECOMMEND TO FAMILY,, FRIENDS, ALL WHO LIFES ITS IN THE CHANGE THANK YOU MENOFIT AND GOD BLESS YOU AMEN. 5 ⭐⭐🌟⭐⭐ -&-⭐⭐🌟🌟⭐⭐🌟🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟🙏♥️🙏.

    Shurrie Marks
    Thanks to the makers of Menotti!!!

    I just want to take the time out to say thank you! This product really works! I have lost 8lbs in a month! The hot flashes and night sweats have diminished! I can’t say thank you enough. I will recommend this product to everyone that I know who are going through menopause!❤️

    So glad I tried this!

    I have been taking Menofit and Well Rested regularly for three weeks now. I have suffered from hot flashes, night sweats and Irritable Bowel with constipation for YEARS. In just three weeks I have more energy, I have regular bowel movements, and a lot fewer hot flashes/sweats!! For once I’m glad I bought something I saw on Instagram!! :-)

    You should hire me to be a spokes person

    I am a 6-year breast cancer survivor. I am taking tamoxifen, and I have had a complete hysterectomy. I can't use estrogen. My hot flashes were terrible; I was irritable, moody, and had no libido. I also had trouble sleeping. I have been on Menofit for less than three months and feel like a new woman! I sleep like a rock, and I am calm and happier. My libido has increased, and my hair loss has improved. The creators of this product are geniuses! May God Bless You All!

    Best thing on market for menopause symptoms!

    I was having issues with my hormone levels for nearly five years. I hadn't had a period since I was 46 in 2019. My PCP and Gynecologist assured me that I was not in menopause for three years and even tried to jumpstart my period to no avail. I was getting my labs done every two months and even saw an Endocrinologist who had tests done on me as well. Well the only thing found were some cysts on one ovary that weren't large enough for surgery. I kept researching for natural supplements looking for a resolution and found it! I jumped from pre to post menopausal in two months judging by labs. I thought I'd skipped symptoms but they started soon after post menopausal labs. I must say that your products have worked phenomenally for me and I recommend them to anyone I know that may benefit from your products. I am so happy to have found your products! I am a different person since the first couple of weeks that I started them! Thank you for making such a great line of products! I will continue using and recommending your products. Thank you so much for your great products!

    Finally sleep!

    I have been battling peri menopause and this god awful transition for 9 years every year gets worse. I have medical reasons I can not use any hormone based meds not that I would ever choose that option I am a natural is best girl. I have been to so many natural doctors top rated tried every sleep option they tossed my way including acupuncture and I hate needles! This product gave me my first decent night sleep in years!!!!

    Menofit, Athena's Shield, and Goddess Glow has changed my menopausal life for the better. I'm sleeping better and my night sweats have been drastically reduced. Thank you, Danielle, Vanessa, and Dr. John.

    Best ever

    This is the best collagen product I’ve ever tried. I’m also 30 years old, and this has improved my skin so much. It tastes BAD, but that’s only because it has natural ingredients. I would prefer it taste bad (just mix something with it) and have it be a quality product. Taste is not an issue, I love this stuff too much!!!!


    I can always feel it when I'm not taking this, so I try to never be without. I put it in my smoothie every morning. My skin looks so much better and I have much less soreness after workouts.

    Give it a try

    I have been using MenoFit for about a month and it works very well for hot flashes and menopause symptoms. I would recommend them their are not side effects and makes you feel much better in a short period of time. All the products that I have tried have worked very well.



    Changed my Life

    These are the most Awesome Probiotics & Athens Shield. My hot flashes stopped after two & a half weeks except when I clean. My bed sheets usto be damp from sweat, NOT now 😃 Taking Athens Sheila has helped my nails soo much there so thick/growing so long.

    Give it a try , it works !!!!!

    I have been taking this for 2 weeks . I’m impressed !
    I had a complete hysterectomy like 30 yrs ago. Have been taking bio identical HRT for several years . Because of breast cancer in my family I have tired to go off the HRT but could not tolerate the hot flashes , anxiety, etc.
    So I tired this for 2 weeks & almost no hot flashes & I have more energy . Have not noticed any weight loss yet !

    Miracle in a bottle.

    I am a hardcore insomniac. I have been for years and I don't want to take anything habit-forming. I've tried every OTC sleep aid out there to no avail.
    Then I found Well Rested. What a miracle. I'm a person that could only stay asleep for two to three hours and I was exhausted all the time. Now I'm sleeping four to six hours and don't wake up feeling groggy. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day and $19.00 a bottle is a price point I can definitely live with.
    Thank you for this product. I am truly grateful.

    This actually works!!!

    Felt like shit, took Menofit and feeling great ever since. :) Wonderful product!

    Athena Shield

    I've been taking Athena shield along with Menofit and Happy Fiber as my morning routine with my smoothie, this gives me lots of energy and has really reduced my hot flashes.

    Fantastic products

    my mother at 84 has suffered from hot flashes since her 40's On medicine most her life has finally stopped because of the price and the damage to her kidneys. I bought her menofit and menoglow. amazing results in the last couple of weeks. almost completely gone with hot flashes. She is able to get her day going, dressed, energy and ready. Clarity is good as well! As for me I was starting to get hot flashes. After the menofit and menoglow they are gone in less than a week. I've ordered and recieved today the goddess glow and Athena shield and can't wait to add these tomorrow! Thank you so much for giving me my mom back and me the ability to handle menopause in a different way then she had to all those years ago!!!!!

    YES, it WORKS!

    I'm on day 4 of Menofit and Athena's Shield. I definitely feel better. What really made my day was my husband noticing! Yesterday he said, "You seem better; not so jumpy." My advice would be to download the app after you purchase, BEFORE you get the product. This way, you can log your symptoms and see the changes after you start taking it. I'm so glad that I took a leap of faith and bought this.


    I've been using Menofit, Happy Fiber and the Collagen for three months. I feel so much better. I'm in premenopause so I was just beginning to notice symptoms. I wish I would've found this sooner.

    Sonia Perdomo
    The greatest products Menolabs

    I want to say to all women out there that are going through menopause, these product from Meno Labs are the best products out there. I take Meno fit and Meno glow for a year plus now and I feel so much better. I also have lots of friends that are customers too and they love the products:) Thank you very much to the MenoLabs team. Keep up the good work...

    Kim Kim
    Now where is it made?

    Shipping is by DHL, is it made in China?

    Well Rested
    Angela N
    Finally! A great night's sleep

    I have tried everything to fall asleep, to stay asleep from CBD, to Melatonin, to Valerian Root and lots of combinations of things including prescription meds. My issue has primarily been staying asleep and waking up feeling rested. I suffer from chronic stress and while my hot flashes from menopause are pretty much behind me I still am very uncomfortable sleeping during the night. I track my sleep on my Fitbit and typically averaged Fair on a regular basis. Then I discovered Well Rested! What a life changer! I have consistently had good sleep pretty much since the day I started taking this. I function better during the day and I fall asleep very quickly at night. Awesome product!

    Lisa Walker
    Buy this today!

    I never write reviews! I have been using this for a few weeks and I love it! I usually respond quickly to supplements so I noticed a difference right away. I felt more energetic, but not in an artifical way. I was tired at night when I went to bed- not jittery and wired. The hot flashes were better almost immediately, just a few here and there. I had to stop taking this for a few days because of a scheduled procedure, and I could tell! I couldnt wait to get back on my routine. I am sold, and want anyone that struggles with hormone symptoms to try this!! I have tried other supplements. They might work, but I had to supplement, the supplement. This is the only thing I have to take! So I am actually saving money. Thank you! Cant wait to try the other items. I love the app too. I use it every morning!