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7 Ways to Check in With Yourself During Menopause

MenoLabs News | Mon, Jun 07, 2021

During menopause, you don't always feel like yourself. Instead, you experience hormonal fluctuations and may feel like your body is turning against you. Practicing self-care during menopause and regularly checking in with yourself is crucial to navigating this unique season.

Ask yourself these questions to check in with yourself and start taking steps toward better self-care during menopause.

When was the last time I felt sexy?

Hormone changes often lead to a low sex drive, so if you're not feeling so sexy these days, you're not alone. Unfortunately, lack of desire, even in happy relationships, is common during menopause. But don't get discouraged. It's entirely possible to feel sexy again with a little bit of effort.

Are there things going on in your life other than hormone changes that could be partially to blame? Stress, lifestyle factors, and certain medications can put a damper on sexiness. Try to pinpoint the problem and find creative ways to solve it. Don't be afraid to make lifestyle changes or try new things in the bedroom, either. For example, massage oils and adult novelties may help to bring back some of the sexy feelings you desire. 

When was the last time I had downtime?

Women are caregivers, and we spend much of our time doing things for other people. Some women stay busy at work, others are busy taking care of the home, and many juggle both. Getting caught up in helping everyone else is easy to do—until it's not. 

Living on the go nonstop can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. One thing many women have in common is a lack of self-care. Women going through menopause face even more stressors with hot flashes, mood swings, and everything else tied to hormone changes. Your body needs time to recover by entering a state of physical relaxation. So, when was the last time you had downtime? Make sure you're scheduling in some time to detach from your stressors, even if it's just for a quick cat nap.

Have I been sleeping well?

Not sleeping enough leads to physical health problems, depression, and anxiety. It makes you forgetful and causes you to be more prone to accidents, among other side effects. You know sleep is essential. But have you been sleeping well? If not, you're not the only one. 

Insomnia is one of the biggest complaints among menopausal women. Hot flashes and night sweats keep some women awake, but other external factors play a role, too. Menopause and anxiety are closely related. A lot of women are going through changes beyond hormones at this point in their lives. Divorces, job changes, young kids, grown kids, relationship troubles, distorted self-body images, and many other stressors add to our anxieties. 

If you can't sleep, make sure you're sticking to a bedtime routine as much as possible. Keep the same bedtime every night and get out in the daylight first thing in the morning. Avoid screens, alcohol, and caffeine before bed. Instead, try a soothing nighttime ritual that involves chamomile, lavender, or another calming oil. Find what works for you. A good bedtime routine can also be the downtime you need to recover.

Do I respect myself and set boundaries when necessary?

As a woman, it's easy to become overwhelmed, and for many of us, it's hard to say 'no.' You probably know the feeling. Your schedule is booked solid, you feel stressed to the max, and you couldn't possibly fit even one more thing into your day. But when someone asks you for help, you can't say 'no.' It's time to learn how to do so.

Saying 'no' is OK. And saying 'no' without an explanation is OK, too! Telling someone 'no' because you want to sit on the couch and catch up on your favorite show is OK! You need that time to recover and rejuvenate so you can be the best version of yourself. 

What does my body want/need right now?

When was the last time you asked yourself what you need? Maybe it's not something you need, but something you want, and that's perfectly fine. Think about it for a sec. How do you feel? What would make you feel better? At this moment, what will make you happy? 

Your answer might be as simple as going for a walk, hydrating yourself, stepping outside, or feeding yourself a nourishing meal. Or, maybe it's getting a massage or pedicure. Whatever it is, give your body what it needs and wants.

Am I providing nourishment for my body?

We all eat, drink, sleep, and breathe every day to live. However, many of us fail to pay close attention to what goes into our bodies. It's easy to get busy and mindlessly shove a meal into our mouths because we feel hungry. But food is fueling your body, and what you eat matters for your overall health. 

The lifestyle and food choices you make affect the gut microbiome, which is the balance between "good" and "bad" bacteria in your gut. Imbalances in the microbiome lead to all sorts of health problems, hormone imbalances, weight gain, and unhealthy skin. Also, recent research has shown that menopause alters the gut microbiome, so it's critical to keep yourself nourished. 

Do I feel beautiful?

Menopause often takes a hit on a woman's self-esteem. So how do you feel about yourself? Without comparing yourself to other women or setting unrealistic expectations, do you think you're the best version of yourself? Do you make time for regular skincare, wearing your hair the way you like it, or throwing on a little bit of makeup? It's not about what others think. It's about how you feel about yourself.

Checking in With Yourself During Menopause

Checking in with yourself during menopause is as easy as asking a few questions, and using your answers to make changes in your habits, routines, and mindset. Ask yourself these questions today and make your own well-being a priority today!

If you need a little extra help feeling like your best self, it might be time to add a probiotic to your routine. The MenoGlow probiotic offers a simple, easy addition to your self-care routine and can help you feel and look your best. Just two capsules a day can help keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and radiant.

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