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    Explore articles related to menopause symptom relief, healthy eating, beauty, relationships, and more.

      Articles Related to Menopause - Immune Health

      Explore articles related to Immune Health in Menopuase

      How To Ease Night Sweats

      Night sweats often contribute to sleep deprivation conditions, primarily insomnia, and it’s not hard to see why.

      Menopausal Acne: How Does It Happen?

      Maintaining healthy skin during menopause is a significant concern for women throughout the world. For many wome...

      Is Your Calcium Supplement Increasing your Risk of Stroke?

      Women of menopausal age are advised to take calcium supplements as a way to prevent osteoporosis, a condition th...

      How to Make the Most of Self-isolation

      Here at MenoLabs, our priority is your health, but we realize that our help can only go so far, especially in un...

      What Probiotics Can Do for Your Immune Health

      How can probiotics help fight back against viruses and bacteria like the common cold, the flu, or even pneumonia.

      Why Menopause Makes You Forget Your Husband's Name

      Menopausal symptoms range from hot flashes to mood swings, osteoporosis to reduced immune health, but what about...

      Is Menopause Putting Your Bones at Risk?

      Many women going through menopause find themselves experiencing aching joints and we...

      Can You Alleviate Symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases with Probiotics?

      Women who have autoimmune diseases may have their symptoms worsen as they age. They suffer from fatigue and join...

      Conceiving a Child During Perimenopause

      Getting pregnant becomes more difficult as you age. So if you see someone around you have a child at the age of ...

      Real Talk about CFUs – How Many Do You Actually Need?

      If you have ever taken a probiotic before, it is no doubt that your bottle mentioned the term “CFUs.” To give yo...

      How to Care for Your Eye Health in Menopause

      Many hormonal changes accompany menopause. As your hormone levels fluctuate, a range of symptoms can occur, from...

      Traveling Tips for Women in Perimenopause and Menopause

      Finally, you are ready to go on vacation with your partner and children. But a few days before the trip, you sta...