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    Explore articles related to menopause symptom relief, healthy eating, beauty, relationships, and more.

      Articles Related to Menopause - Immune Health

      Explore articles related to Immune Health in Menopuase

      Probiotics – A Powerful Boost for Your Immune System

      Every day, your immune system does its best to protect you from bacteria and microbes waiting for you to b...

      Hot Flashes and Probiotics – A New and Effective Treatment?

      Hot flashes are a common symptom in menopause. Some say they can last for several months, but many women f...

      Menopause Symptoms – Can You Find Relief Naturally?

      Some women go smoothly through menopause. They do not have discomfort sleeping or lo...

      Probiotics and Vaginal Health in Menopause

      Vaginal health in menopause is key for any woman who remains sexually active. It is vital that every woman...

      How You Can Forget about UTIs with Probiotics

      While you grow older, you may notice changes in how you feel “down there” – menopause and shift in hormone...

      Healing Heart Disease in Menopause with Probiotics

      Probiotics are live bacteria that you can find in many foods today. For example, have you heard about live...

      Using Probiotics for Bone and Joint Health in Menopause

      The first 5-7 years after the onset of menopause can bring about a wide variety of symptoms.

      Signs of Early Menopause and What You Can Do

      Early menopause is defined as a sudden stop in menses and typically occurs when a woman is 40-45 years old...

      Probiotics in Menopause – Studies Show Promising Results

      Women in menopause often have a lot of symptoms, some less and some more severe than others.