How to Make Your Bed When You're Having Night Sweats

How to Make Your Bed When You're Having Night Sweats

MenoLabs News | Thu, Jul 27, 2023

Waking up after a less-than-restful night’s sleep never feels good, no matter the circumstances. But night sweats can do more than just keep you up: these late-night hot flashes can force you to start your day with a load of laundry and redressing your bed because you sweat through your sheets (and that’s not even getting into the “taking multiple showers a day, just to feel fresh” part). And while we might be tempted to try to just forget about the whole thing after night sweats, the truth is that a bad night's sleep can affect you for the rest of the day. And we all deserve a good morning, especially when you’re dealing with symptoms.

Fortunately, you have options when it comes to preventing night sweats, including updating your sleep setup.  As we come to understand the connection between body temperature and sleep quality, more companies are coming out with innovative products that facilitate a cooler sleep environment. Using these items, or changing up your sleeping arrangement in other ways, can give you more control over your sleeping body temperature, and increase your odds of a good night’s sleep.

Start with a Cooling Mattress or Mattress Topper

If you’re already in the market for a new mattress, make cooling features part of your search. Cooling mattresses are designed to be breathable and draw body heat away from you. Most mattress companies offer cooling mattresses these days, so you’re spoiled for choice. And even if you don’t grab a cooling mattress, be sure to avoid memory foam mattresses which are known to retain heat due to their dense materials and lack of interconnected air channels.

If you’re not sure if it’s time for a new mattress, check how long you’ve had it — depending on brand and type, a mattress can last between seven to 15 years. If you’re not looking to replace your current one, a cooling mattress topper may do the trick.

Or if you love trying out the latest gadgets, investigate smart mattress cooling systems that effectively create their own air conditioning in your bed. Systems like the BedJet create airflow between your fitted and top sheet to mitigate body heat and wick away moisture. Some units even utilize biorhythm sleep technology that monitors your body temperature and adjusts its cooling settings in response.

Use Breathable Bedding

The key to night sweat prevention is breathable and cooling bedding. And pick up some new pajamas made from the same breathable fabric for an extra cozy boost.

Fabrics to look for include:

  • Cotton – A tried-and-true favorite, cotton sheets are probably the most accessible breathable bedding option.

  • Lyocell – A pulp fabric made from eucalyptus wood that is very breathable and has a smooth, satin-like feel.

  • Modal – Another pulp fabric, this one made from beech wood. Modal is breathable, absorbent, and lightweight.

  • Bamboo viscose – Not only is bamboo viscose breathable, durable, and odor-resistant, but it’s also considered a sustainable fabric since it’s made from a fast-growing and self-regenerative grass.

  • Linen – The ultimate in breathable fabrics, linen sheets feel comfortable and luxurious. They’re more of an investment than cotton or pulp fabrics, but linen has the unique benefit of growing softer and more comfortable the longer you have them.

  • Silk – As luxurious as linen, silk regulates body temperature, repels dust, and is gentle on hair and skin. The downside: it takes 3,000 silkworms just to make a yard of this slinky fabric. So, if you’re vegan, this is not the option for you.

  • Silver-Infused – Not necessarily a fabric as much of a feature, silver-infused linens have fine fibers made of natural silver woven in with the base fabric. Silver-infused are generally marketed for their antibacterial benefits, but they still get dirty so stick to weekly washings.

Get the Air Moving

A bedside fan is more energy efficient than running air conditioning all night, and it creates a cooler bedtime environment without having to touch the thermostat. Try creating a cross-breeze with either two fans or a single fan and an open window to pull cool air toward you and hot air away.  A lot of people also love their fans for the white noise they create, although there are also various silent options on the market if the noise drives you crazy.  Once you find the right fan for you, be sure to clean it regularly to avoid dust buildup and the problems that come with that, including dermatitis and problems with breathing.  

A good night’s sleep is essential, but night sweats can absolutely wreck your eight hours. Luckily, there are ways to cope — it just takes a little extra time, self-care, and some helpful investments into your ideal sleep environment.

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