Top Netflix Shows with Strong Female Friendships

Top Netflix Shows with Strong Female Friendships

MenoLabs News | Mon, Mar 23, 2020

For women of menopausal age, there’s not a lot of representation of the struggles that they go through. Under representation in the media is something that many film and television companies are trying to address, and no one does this better than Netflix. There are many Netflix shows you can binge-watch, but how many of them are actually for women ages 40 and over? If you’re looking for something that portrays strong menopausal women and the importance of female friendships, then check out these shows and movies.

Netflix shows with female friendships

Grace and Frankie

What a plot twist – Grace and Frankie have been rivals for quite some time, but the situation starts to change when their husbands leave them both to marry each other. Now dealing with the challenges of this change in their 70s, these women have to rethink what they want for themselves. From their struggles an unlikely friendship blossoms and eventually start a business together. This show is truly unique as it shines a light on the troubles and tribulations of starting anew in the later years of life. The show is not about your usual fun and games. It’s about the many serious issues that women over 50 have to overcome. Many people may table this conversation for later but Grace and Frankie don’t.

Orange Is the New Black

A list of shows with strong female friendships would not be complete without this one. Orange Is the New Black tackles many issues of today’s society. Issues of consent, issues of mental and physical health, and even some issues surrounding menopause within the confines of prison life are just a few of the themes the show touches on. This show makes it interesting to see how these issues are explored in a community entirely made of women. Discover how relationships unfold in a seemingly bleak environment. Despite the setting, there is still a lot of insight into how female friendships remain meaningful, no matter the circumstances surrounding them. Once you start this journey, you can’t stop watching.

Dead to Me

Talk about a change of circumstances, Dead to Me is a real head turner. This is the story of two women who are both grieving the loss of their husbands. Jen’s husband died in a hit-and-run accident and Judy’s fiancé passed away after suffering a heart attack. The two women become closer as they share their different approached to their grief. While Jen wallows in her sorrow, Judy tries to remain positive and look on the bright side. Helping each other in their time of grief, the two create a strong bond. While it may not be the most light-hearted show in the bunch, it takes a serious look into how we come to terms with mortality and the loss of people we love as we get older. It’s a show about finding strength in others, and honestly, who doesn’t love that?

Netflix shows featuring female friendships

Good Girls

If you’re looking for a show that’s all about relatability, then Good Girls is the show for you. It’s about real women, facing real problems, in the real world. Three mothers from Michigan, two of whom are sisters, deal with the problems of the real world in the most ridiculous ways, which makes this show all the more interesting. Can you empathize with medical bills, battles over custody of children, or men cheating on you? Then this show is a great pick for you. Three friends are trying hard to resolve their problems and make ends meet. Tired of dealing with the endless frustrations and desperate for a solution, they put on masks and rob a supermarket. However, things go terribly wrong when the owner of the store recognizes one of them. If you are in the mood for a comedy with a dark twist, then Good Girls should be number one on your watch list.

GLOW Friendships

GLOW stands for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Struggling actress from LA, Ruth, looks for her last chance at an audition only to find discover the audition is for women’s wrestling. Through a whirlwind of fate, she joins the team and hilarity, tenderness, and astonishment ensues. Filled with a stellar cast, the show’s commentary on gender, race, and equality shines a light on many of the issues we still face today. When the wrestling show faces faces danger of shutting down, women who once couldn’t find common ground must band together to save the group. Enter the fabulous, fight-filled world of women’s wrestling and try not to get blinded by the shining, glittery spandex.

Netflix shows to watch with female friends

Fuller House

Fuller House, the sequel to the popular 90s’ TV show Full House, picks up on the life of D.J. Now a widowed mother of three in San Francisco, the show kicks off with her home life, living with both her best friend and her sister. The three help raise D.J.’s kids and deepens the already strong bond between them. If you saw the original show, you will be happy to find that most of the original cast also make appearances in the sequel. Light-hearted and emotional, this show is a testament to mothers and makeshift families everywhere.

Gilmore Girls

If you are looking for something old but gold, Gilmore Girls is the show for you. Even though the series ended in 2007, its fans were so dedicated that show even came back with a reboot. Lorelai’s life changed after she had her daughter at age 16. Perhaps this explains why their bond has become closer to friendship rather than a mother-daughter relationship. This connection is put into contrast with the bond between Lorelai and her own mother. As the three women have to face their difficult pasts and their differences, their lives become messy and beautiful. For mothers and daughters everywhere looking to find a show to bond over, Gilmore Girls might be the one for you.

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