Throw Yourself a Menopause Shower… Why Not?!

Throw Yourself a Menopause Shower… Why Not?!

MenoLabs News | Fri, Sep 16, 2022

Remember in Sex and the City when Carrie bemoans how major celebrations in their lives revolve around marriage and kids? Personally, we’d prefer that there were more parties that celebrate milestones we all go through. And, from that preference springs the question: Why the heck don’t we throw ourselves parties for menopause?  

A Soothing Celebration   

Sometimes parties mean raucous music and tons of drinks, but considering the symptoms women of perimenopause/menopause age experience, those party elements would only be disruptive to everyone’s enjoyment. Instead of overstimulating the senses, why not make the occasion about relaxation and the joy of doing as little as possible?   

  • Invest in some natural beauty products and organize an at-home spa day where everyone can pick and choose which treatments they’d enjoy most. 

  • If you have the resources and time, organize a menopause retreat where you and your friends can escape routine and responsibilities and focus on yourselves. 

  • Encourage everyone to disconnect from their devices for as long as they’re comfortable. Research shows a correlation between excessive screen time and an increase in the stress-hormone cortisol – and that really isn’t the chill vibe we’re going for here!  

Elevate Your Spread 

The older we get, the more elevated our palates. Make sure you not only have something for everyone but also include health-supporting whole foods that are as delicious as they are nourishing. And while a glass of wine may be enjoyable, keep in mind the risks of excess drinking, and that for many women, alcohol causes symptoms to flare. Have plenty of water and other non-alcoholic drinks on hand. 

  • Remember that a healthy menopause diet includes plenty of produce, soy products, and whole grains while limiting meats, sugar, and processed foods. A tip for success here is to focus on all the delicious foods you get to eat, rather than pining over things you don’t need. 

  • Focus on light and sharable foods that are sure to please a crowd: crudités with hummus, fresh fruit, and savory vegetable wraps are always popular.

  • Alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean boring. Stock up on ingredients for your favorite mocktails to have something subtly sweet on the side. Avoid artificial sweeteners and instead use moderate amounts of natural sugars such as honey, agave, or even fruit pulp to add flavor.   
Sharing is Caring  

This is an opportunity to get together with the women in your life and celebrate a milestone you’re all going through. While we all experience menopause – the experience of your first years sans menstruation – at different times, perimenopause can start affecting us as early as our 30s. So, it’s important to talk and share with others about what we’ve experienced and are experiencing.  

Not only does it create a sense of community amongst women who are all struggling with the same thing, but it educates younger women on what to expect. We can no longer shut our mouths and suffer through this time of life in silence. Women’s health has been shrouded in ignorance for much too long. By opening up, we can help women of future generations be more aware and therefore able to seek help when they perceive that something is amiss.  

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