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MenoLife Community Advice

MenoLabs News | Fri, Dec 03, 2021

This is a gift from the MenoLife community To the MenoLife community!  We love reading the tips you all share here, and we wanted to share some of the best advice offered with the entire community so you don’t miss any of these gems. After all, that is what we are here to do.  We want you to know that you are not alone in this experience. There are women on this app sharing their experiences with menopause that can help make your experience a little easier.  No matter what time of day or night, or, how embarrassing the question might be in real life: from hair loss, to dry vaginas, our community is here for you!


Wise words to take note of:

Breathe, think before reacting to any situation.


An uplifting stance for all of us!:

I think the single most important thing we can do to get through this stage of life is to lift the veil… EVERY woman goes through it… no one wants to talk about it. Is it that we feel less desirable by admitting we are at this phase of our lives! Less potent? I think that it’s the time when we are desperate for answers, everything we have learned about our bodies is now obsolete and every piece of advice has a $ on it!

It’s unfair… perimenopause should be like attaining platinum status and all doors of possibility for relief as we embark on an extremely confusing and devastating journey… watching our hard won bodies disintegrate, our faces fall and our disposition stretched… it shouldn’t feel like that.

I say perimenopause onset should equal the roll out of the red carpet with support and understanding. We ladies are still hot to trot, viable, wise and beautiful. Strong as titanium and more than capable of slaying an entire room upon entering with our formidable presence. I nearly let it get the better of me but I have decided to be gentle with myself and give myself permission to transition finding an even deeper purpose within me.

This is me

This is you

This is US

Stronger in our understanding and compassion for one another!

The meaning of


I am Woman

I’m not done roaring!

-Tricia Lee Kelshall


Self-care ideas from the community:

I participate in a cardio class and write in a journal

@Madre Love

I listen to my favorite songs from Gospel and R&B to country. I also meditate and smudge

@Shaynna Anderson-Brown

I take time to myself and take long showers at night time to relax.


Affirmations to help with anxiety:

I am strong, I am capable, I am worthy and I get stuff done…


It’s ok to relax and love love on yourself I choose me.


I can do this!


It's only a job. They come and go. Live and learn.


Every woman’s experience is different.  You never know unless you try: 

The moment I stopped taking oral contraceptives was the moment my vaginal dryness stopped amen 🙏🏾


Try adding an affirmation a day to your daily routine and see what happens: 

I do affirmations all throughout the day to make a habit of it. My favorite one is: I'm unapologetically me and everyone else should be too. embrace all of our strengths instead of weaknesses.


How she improves her mood in less than 5 minutes: 

I call a friend that makes me laugh in addition to your list. We usually laugh about something we saw in the news or how I’ve been singing the wrong words to “Benny & the Jets…” 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

“…she’s got electric boobs. Her mom does too…”? WHAT?! 🤣



Can you relate?:

I have been talking with my GP for years about not having a period etc.  I finally got her to test my hormones for menopause.  And I think her jaw dropped when she read that I was in POSTMENOPAUSE.  She always said, you’re too young.  But, it didn’t surprise me that at 45 I am menopausal.  I started my menses at age 12.  Plus, I have multiple sclerosis which I found out causes early menopause.  


You aren’t alone:

My hot flashes come on very suddenly and last about a minute most of the time.  Sometimes, it seems like I am having them every 10 minutes, but I also sometimes of months without having a single one…is that odd?


It’s all about figuring out your triggers:

My triggers are hot bevarages, sugar, salt, alcohol, spicy foods and hot showers.  


Have you tried soy in your diet yet:

I find soy milk helps with menopause.


Hot Flash Hack:

There has been some good Neuroscience research lately that shows that humans can regulate their temperature best through cooling their palms, head, and feet. Be sure to take off shoes and socks. Then, get a cool gel pack that you’ve placed in the refrigerator (not the freezer). Hold the cool gel pack in one hand for about 30 seconds and keep switching hands until it’s room temp.


Night Sweat SOS:

I sleep on extra sheets and put cornstarch all over me...haven't slept in years. Good luck with yours!

@Maria D

Second opinions helps with peri/menopause:

It really helps to get a second or even 3rd opinion if your Dr isn't truly listening to you and getting you tested then giving you options besides birth control for perimenopause symptoms.


Remember, this app is here to help you find answers and talk to others if people in your life are not talking openly about peri/menopause.  Don’t forget to comment, ask questions and stay involved on MenoLife!   

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