Could perimenopause be helping your parenting skills?

Could perimenopause be helping your parenting skills?

MenoLabs News | Fri, Sep 02, 2022

As if parenting isn’t challenging enough, a lot of women begin experiencing perimenopausal symptoms while their kids are still in the house. Some women say that their symptoms harken back to the tiring days of keeping up with their newborns. But what if perimenopause could help us become better parents? It’s possible!  

Tuning into Emotions 
Hormonal changes can lead to some significant emotional changes– namely, you feel things much more powerfully. But the upside to that is with intention, you can use your newly intensified ways of feeling to better understand your kids. Think about it– who else is going through hormonal changes that can contribute to some big emotions? Kids!-- especially pre-teens and teens. And while some moms may stay baffled by their wild behaviors, as a woman dealing with perimenopause symptoms, you can access a unique empathy regarding what they’re going through.  
Take this opportunity to talk with your children about why they may be feeling some crazy emotions and let them know you’re there with them. By being open and honest with them, you can deepen your bond and make them feel understood during a confusing time of their lives.   

Teach Self-Care by Example 

As your body goes through changes, you will likely want to step up your self-care game. Feeling fatigued constantly? Pencil in some nap time into your schedule. Skin feeling dry and itchy? Invest in a dry brush and skincare that combat that. Putting on some extra pounds? Adjust your diet to more whole foods and less sugar. Doing these things will show your children how important it is to be in tune with your body and practice self-care to support it. They learn from watching you, so take care of yourself the way you want your kids to be cared for.   

Increase Confidence  

It can be scary for children to see their parents struggling, but you don’t necessarily have to hide the fact that you’re not feeling your best. After all, it’s important to be real with your kids and not try to project an image of perfection. By talking with them about how your perimenopause symptoms are normal and showing them how you’re able to persevere past them, you’re displaying a unique, feminine strength that increases their confidence in you and provides them with an example of overcoming obstacles. If they see you do it, they’ll believe they can do it too.  

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