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Menopause and Midlife Nutrition

Diet and nutrition are important at every age of a woman’s life and even more so during perimenopause and menopause as changes in hormones, reduction in estrogen levels and fluctuations in progesterone affect overall long-term health. At MenoLabs, we believe that improved health and symptom management and severity are directly related to the microbiome (gut health).  After decades of research we understand the importance of looking at every aspect of your health and lifestyle during the menopausal transition. Our mission is to help women find answers, support and relief with preventative steps and natural products. Reproductive health changes to our bodies can be confusing, as a women-owned company, we deal with these same challenges and we’ve found what we believe are better solutions for relieving the disruptive impact of menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, insomnia, hair loss and skin problems. The tips and tools we’ve created in conjunction with a few nutritional adjustments that you can make along with key dietary supplements for women, can help you to stay on track with your health and wellness!

Daily Nutrition Tracker and Weekly Diet Plan

Our lives are busy enough, and just when we think we’ve got it all under control, perimenopause brings a new set of challenges. The way our bodies extract nutrients, metabolize estrogen, process foods and store fat can change drastically as estrogen decreases, and this can happen well before menopause. On top of juggling your profession, home life, your personal life or kids heading off to college, you may now start dealing with night sweats, irregular moods, vasomotor fluctuations, hot flashes, insomnia and weight gain and the over 40 symptoms of menopause we as women get to experience. We hear it from women all the time that they have not changed the way they’ve been eating but they are now gaining weight. The fact of the matter is that during our mid 30’s our metabolism changes as a result of falling estrogen levels. This means that our diets have to change as well. When approaching menopause we can change the way our bodies process foods and we can even deconjugate, essentially recycle our estrogen and better metabolize our estrogen. With the help of MenoFit, the right blend of probiotics for women in midlife , increasing prebiotic fiber and shifting what you eat, the symptoms of menopause can be reduced.

We know that keeping track of your meals can be tough enough. We've created a simple Daily Nutrition Tracker and Weekly Diet Plan to help. With our easy-to-use nutrition tracker, you can keep tabs on your daily and weekly meals, exercise routine, water intake, fiber intake, and your supplements! You can look back at your weekly goals to check your progress and make adjustments to any area of your health plan to keep you on the right track!

Our nutrition tracker also comes with recommendations on how much water to drink, fiber intake levels that are best suited to women of different ages, and a reflection section to help you stay focused and motivated! This is a simple tool that when paired with our MenoLife: Menopause & Midlife Women’s Health app can provide real results.

MenoLife Menopause and Midlife Health Tracker App For Women

Download Our Daily and Weekly Nutrition Journals

Stay on top of your health and progress on your journey through menopause. Download these trackers to print at home.

90-Day Health Plan Full of Tips

Looking for something a little more robust? Our 90-Day Health Plan offers you a detailed nutrition guide with all the tips on how to feed your gut microbiome right. It also comes with:

  • In-depth fitness plan complete with exercise examples
  • A bottle of MenoFit probiotics to help improve gut health
  • A bag of HappyFiber to help feed those probiotic supplements
  • Premium access to our MenoLife app for more insight into the science of nutrition

Nutrition Insight & Science in our MenoLife app!

Not a member of our MenoLife app yet? What are you waiting for! MenoLife offers you insight into the science behind your body’s nutritional needs. Through MenoLife you’ll find topics on what nutrients your body needs in menopause, what foods you can get them from, how to support nutrient absorption through probiotic health, and so much more!

Download it today and you can start tracking your menopausal health journey!

Our mission is to help you navigate your health with ease! Download our nutrition tracker and the MenoLife app today! Track your symptoms and receive personalized recommendations in the MenoLife app and save more when you bundle and subscribe on our women’s health and natural menopause supplements.