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  • "Im noticing that I have more energy and the weight is finally starting to drop off...but for me the greatest thing is that I'm no longer on any HRT."

    Lynn Verified Buyer
  • "This has helped me significantly, especially with hot flashes, because that’s what I most dealt with."

    Marci Verified Buyer
  • "I mentioned it to my GYN...and she completely approved of me taking MenoFit and it's keeping me off of HRT.

    Melanie Verified Buyer
  • "It gives me that little extra push that I need to keep my metabolism in check, to keep my weight balance, to keep my mood and energy on par, as well as that mental clarity."

    Jenn Verified Buyer
  • "It actually helped me lose a couple pounds during these last few weeks of quarantine."

    Dawn Verified Buyer
  • "It helps me to balance my metabolism and to process sugars and nutrients more effectively."

    Olga Verified Buyer
  • "Since Day 1, I noticed MenoFit was working for me. I was sleeping through the night, I have more energy, and I'm losing weight."

    Darci Verified Buyer
  • I just woke up from a wonderful night of sleep... it helps reduce the frequency and severity of my hot flashes and night sweats.

    Cynthia Verified Buyer
  • "..the final thing is I've just noticed is that my stomach is getting flatter and that's something that I've really been struggling with."

    Nissa Verified Buyer
  • Since I've started taking these supplements a few months ago, I could not tell you the difference that it made in my life, and the quality of improvements in my pre-menopausal symptoms.

    Krisztina Verified Buyer
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    Life changing

    Been taking Menofit for 2.5months and wow, what a difference. This product has helped eliminate hot flashes, mood changes and the dreaded unexplained weight gain. Adding this to proper diet and exercise has helped me handle periomenopause symptoms without the use of HRT. That you Menolabs for giving us an alternative/holistic approach in managing this stage of our lives. Would definitely recommend. Great product, exceptional customer service.

    Best sleep aid EVER

    This is the best, most effective sleep aid I've ever used. I find that even if I take it mid way through the night, it still does the trick without ANY groggy feeling the next day. Just wonderful sleep!

    Claire Miller
    Life Changing

    I was extremely skeptical, but after 3 weeks I realized I wasn't having hot flashes any longer. I have recommended it to many others and they have been very pleased as well. Thanks, Menofit for a natural solution!

    Beauty Rest
    Greg Rhodes
    Best sleep ever!!

    Well Rested is truly amazing to help you get the healthy care you need

    The GLOW is for real!

    I love MenoGlow. My skin literally glows when I take these probiotics. After about a month on them people I hadn't seen in a few weeks started doing double takes and telling me how pretty I looked. My Aunt even told my mother I looked so healthy and happy and that I was 'glowing'. It was the MenoGlow. Personally I prefer these over the MenoFit.

    Hot flashes gone

    I started taking MenoFit with Well Rested and Happy Fiber over 2 months ago and my hot flashes are gone completely. I am in perimenopause (very close to menopause) and feel more healthy and I have so much more energy. If you are skeptical and suffering from belly weight gain and lack of sleep I would try these supplements. Combined with regular exercise and a whole food diet, I feel so much more healthy and feel like I have the tools to get through this transition!

    Karen L
    Life changing product

    I started using Menofit a month ago and I’m seeing noticeable results! I have noticed weight loss, lessen fatigue, lessen hot flashes and heightened libido. Since using this supplement I’m able to sleep throughout the night!

    rebekka eidsvik
    Very pleased!

    I've been using Menofit for almost 3 months. I love it! It seems to really help with hot flashes and night sweats and I've lost 8 pounds without much effort. So happy to have found a product that works as advertised.

    Fit & Happy
    carrie g.
    Wonderful products!!

    Started using menofit, happy fiber & goddess glow daily - a few months ago & have had great results with peri menopause symptoms!

    Jacque Garcia
    Symptom free!

    Amazing product, I fully recommend to help reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause. Within first week, all my symptoms were gone. Just completed the first 30 days and customer service helped me out when my 2nd bottle was destroyed. Great company, awesome customer service and absolutely amazing product! 10 stars!!

    Fit & Happy
    Sara Reynders
    Complete Relief!

    I was so skeptical that this would would work especially when, after taking MenoFit and Happy Fiber for 2 months, I saw no improvements in my hot flashes and night sweats at all. But I had committed to trying this for 3 months so I kept taking these faithfully every day. It has now been over 4 months and I cannot remember the last time I had a hot flash or night sweat! Mine were so severe that I would be drenched in sweat day and night. I can hardly remember now what that felt like. I feel like I have my life back and am so grateful! Highly, highly recommend!

    Suzanne Colon
    It’s working

    I have been taking Menofit for 5 days now and my hot flashes have already become less frequent and less harsh. Even better I’ve slept all night for the past two nights. If this is in less than a week I can’t wait to see what being on it for a month will look like. Thank you so much

    Well Rested
    Laura Kirschmann
    Relaxed and ready to start my day

    I have taken Well Rested (2 capsules each night) for the last two nights. Not only did I fall asleep faster than normal, I stayed asleep longer and woke up feeling relaxed and ready to start my day. As long as it works, I will continue to use it.

    Fit & Happy
    Rachel Cox
    Great product and 5 star customer service

    Started with Menofit and then added the bundle with the Fiber. Loving it! Noticed a difference quickly with the starting of hot flashes and mood! Highly recommend for amazing natural products that help ease the glorious path we women get with aging and menopause. Customer service is stellar with rectifying an issue I made while ordering. Thank you Menolabs!

    Rhonda Crawford
    Game Changer

    This is the product you’ve been waiting for, stop waiting! I had the best cycle and digestion while on this product. Sleep was easier and I felt more energetic each day!

    Still loving Goddess Glow!

    I’ve written a review previously for this product, but I am still loving it so much! Not only did it give me stronger and longer nails, I’m now seeing a change and even my eyelashes. They are fuller and longer. And one person even complimented me on how heathy my hair looked. And I’m also noticing I need less lotion on my hands and arms as I seem to have less of a “parchment” appearance to my skin. This is an amazing product!

    Sara Chamberlain
    Menofit Probiotic stabilized by mood and improved my depression!

    I'm 41 and started to notice perimenopausal symptoms affecting my mood, struggle to lose weight, and the onset of depression. The big thing this has helped with is stabilizing my mood and to clear up my depression. Almost immediately (within a week or 2) it was like the cloud had lifted. I seriously don't know what's in here, but I have never had a probiotic affect me this way. I know gut health affects your serotonin levels, so I am sure that is it in part, but for me, it's more than that. I have been taking this for just over a year and love the product.

    Fit & Happy
    Janet Laskowski
    So glad I tried it

    I initially ordered your products because I needed a new probiotic. Being 51 and going through sudden menopause I decided to give you a try within just a day my flashes were reduced. I feel so much better and I am looking forward to get all of the results as the probiotics bill back up in my system. I also ordered the well rested and I am sleeping like a baby. This is unbelievable , thank you so much

    MenoFit 90 Day 3-Pack
    Lisa Stallings
    Menofit probiotic

    I’m 55 years old and suffering from hot flashes. I discovered this product and figured I would give it a try. WOW thanks menolabs!! Try it you won’t regret it!

    Kimberly Hall
    Menofit Probiotic Magnificant

    I found this amazing product on line while search for help with my premenopausal symptoms and a probiotic combined. I didn't think it was possible to find a two in one product, but when I did my Google search Menolabs was the first product that popped up. I placed my order right away and began taking the recommended dose and within the first month I saw amazing results. The hot flashes (demons) subsided, I began to sleep better and my digestion began to improve. What I love the most about this amazing product is that it's all natural herbs, there are no artificial hormones added. I've been taking Menofit Probiotic for three months now and I can't wait to see more results in the future.

    Noticed results after first month

    I began taking this product two months ago and have noticed more even moods and slight weight loss. I also feel like I’m not craving a drink at the end of the day as a stress reliever. The first day I took them I did feel slightly nauseated but that abated on the second day. It’s important that you eat before taking them to avoid this in future. I’ve started taking my third bottle and hope the benefits continue!

    Laura Brunner

    I love this product, it really works. No hot flashes, night sweats or anything. Also seems to help with relaxing. I have recently finished going through breast cancer treatment. Had chemo, surgery and radiation. I was using this prior to that and loved it. So figured why not try it again, I did have weight loss the last time I used it, but not yet this time. Been using for 3 months. But overall it helps bloating and I just feel better. Waiting for my next 2 products to come in and try those.

    Denise Driscoll
    Love love love it!

    I started taking this product about eight months ago and I truly love it notice a difference in moods and definitely reduced hot flashes thank you so much !!!!

    Olga Peachey

    I am thrilled I found the menolab company. I am so happy with the results in both the menofit and Happy fiber. I sailed right through menopause with almost no hot flashes. I highly recommend this product. I also recommend changing your diet to a healthier one if needed, and this supplement will not disappoint.

    Thank you menolab for helping so many women.

    Laura Pietrowiak
    Happy camper

    I started using Menofit a few months ago and could not be happier with the results! Takes a couple months for the full affect so trust me and stick with it for a few mo the and you will be happy! I am now also taking “Well Rested “ and it had helped tremendously with night sweats and insomnia