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Weight Loss Supplement with Probiotics

30 Day Supply

Designed with natural ingredients to support weight loss by improving very specific gut bacteria that boost metabolism. Our formulation helps women conquer their goals with a product precisely formulated for the female body.*


  • Aid in Weight Loss*
  • Reduce Adipose Tissue*
  • Boost Metabolism*
  • Increase Energy*
  • Balance Mood*
  • Improve Gut Health*
  • Reduce Sugar Cravings*
  • Process Sugars & Nutrients More Effectively*

Why MenoFit Works

MenoFit addresses a number of symptoms with a doctor formulated blend of 28 natural ingredients. We included several key probiotics in our MenoFit formulation that have been found in clinical trials and other studies to be associated with weight loss and reduced waist circumference.

Hormone changes can affect your microbiome, which may result in feelings of hunger, a less efficient metabolism, low energy, brain fog, and moodiness. Our patented probiotic blend takes a science based approach to positively impact weight and adipose tissue, aid in balancing the body's hormones with plant based phytoestrogens, and improve sugar metabolism.

Why should I choose MenoFit?

This is not all in your head…

If you’re having hormone fluctuations, whether it's from changes to your body brought on by age, or you’ve dealt with them your whole life, your weight is going to fluctuate, too. The best way to address the weight gain caused by hormone fluctuations is with your GUT. This is because your gut sends signals to your body to make hormones, and even recycles hormones you already have.

When your gut microbiome is out of balance, YOU are out of balance, too.

So many of the products on the market today DO NOT ADDRESS underlying hormone fluctuations. MenoFit is specifically formulated to help get the right probiotics into your system, so your body can rebalance your hormones, your weight, your energy, and even your mood!

You deserve the best...

Our proprietary blend is unique. You cannot get this combination of ingredients anywhere else. We have made an all-natural, complete supplement that includes probiotics, the right prebiotics (what a probiotic needs to eat), vitamins, minerals, and herbal support ingredients to address not just your gut, but your complete health.

MenoFit helps your body rebalance your gut, which rebalances your hormones, which rebalances YOU.


Proprietary Probiotic Blend

Probiotics Specifically for Women & Weight Loss. At the forefront of this unique formula is MenoFit’s secret weapon, a proprietary blend of very specific probiotics.

  • Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. Lactis 420 (B420™) - positive impact on weight loss and aids in balancing the body's hormones*

  • Lactobacillus reuteri 1E1® - aids in anxiety, depression and immune support*

  • Lactobacillus gasseri Lg-36® - shown to reduce weight and adipose tissue in multiple studies*

  • Lactobacillus plantarum Lp-115® - shown to reduce weight and improve blood sugar and sugar metabolism in humans*

Prebiotic Blend

The prebiotic blend is specifically formulated to stabilize and support the potential efficacy of the nutrient supplements and probiotics in our formulation. They ensure the best possible environment for probiotics in your gut.

  • Organic Jerusalem Artichoke (inulin) - fiber prebiotic which serves as a "food source" for the healthy gut bacteria*

  • Tocotrienols Complex (Palm Oil Derived) - helps reduce the degeneration or our bones as we age*

  • Calcium Carbonate - helps with bone health but can also have positive effects on the heart, your muscles, and the nervous system*

  • Organic Acacia Gum - an excellent source of fiber that is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight and reducing cholesterol*

  • Resveratrol - an antioxidant to prevent or repair oxidative stress and cellular damage from oxidation*

  • Sunflower Lecithin - can improve overall health and energy while reducing fatigue*

Support Supplements

We packed many of the best herbs for women’s health into this supplement to support healthy cholesterol and anti-aging benefits.

  • Red Clover - when combined with multiple strains of lactobacillus it helps aid in body temperature control as well as hormone balance*

  • Bitter Melon Fruit Extract - an herb that can improve pre-diabetic conditions and supports metabolism*

  • Barberry Extract (90% Berberine) - is well known for its impact on blood lipids (Cholesterol) and metabolism*

  • R-alpha-lipoic Acid - anti-aging, stress reduction and supports bone health*

  • Chasteberry Extract - aids in improving mood, and sleep*

  • Dong Quai Root Extract - has been found to decrease the overall number of hot flashes and night sweats*

  • Magnolia Bark Extract - helps improve anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and other areas of neurology affected by hormonal fluctuations*

  • Astaxanthin Complex (Algae Derived) - antioxidants that aids in skin health, aging, the immune system, and overall health*

Nutritional Support Formulation

Not all vitamins are created equal. To best support your health we wanted something better than just a general “multivitamin”. We wanted to target our focus on the things women need a little more of.*

  • Vitamin C (as zinc ascorbate) - immune support*

  • Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) - sleep, bone health, and immune health*

  • Vitamin K2 (MK7) - bone health*

  • Riboflavin (as Riboflavin-5-phosphate (coenzyme vitamin B2)) - antioxidant to fight free radicals*

  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (coenzyme vitamin B6)) - mood, brain health, and irritability*

  • Methylated Folate (as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate) - energy, hair, skin, and nails*

  • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) - nervous system support*

  • Zinc (as zinc ascorbate) - anti-aging and immune system support*

  • Benfotiamine - blood glucose*

MenoFit Supplement Facts Panel

Directions for Use

  • Take 2 capsules every morning with food

  • Each bottle contains a 30-day supply (60 capsules)

  • For best results use daily

  • Store in a cool dry place

  • Refrigeration is not required

Relief in as little as 30 days, optimal results within 60-90 days. Results improve with continued use.

Dr. John Konhilas, PhD and Leading Women's Health Researcher

After decades of study on the gut microbiome, I am confident that it is responsible for nearly 1/3 of your overall health. From immune health and heart health, to nutrient sensing, weight gain and sugar metabolism, all the way to mood, anxiety and sleep improvements - if your gut is out of balance, your health is out of balance.

- Dr. John Konhilas, PhD and Leading Women's Health Researcher

The MenoLabs Difference

  • Safe & Hormone-Free

  • No Prescription Needed

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors

  • Stimulant & Caffeine Free

  • 25 Billion CFU

Maximize Your Results

LOVE your body

It's the only one you have. Treat it well. Respect it. Love it!

EAT well

Good health starts with good nutrition. Feed your body what it needs: fiber-rich foods and the right probiotics are a great start!


Water is critical to keeping your entire body healthy and running smoothly. It’s also great for your skin health!

MOVE daily

Sedentary lifestyles are as bad for you as smoking. Move every day to keep your body active and healthy.

Repeat for LIFE

Jenn L.

It gives me that little extra push that I need to keep my metabolism in check, to keep my weight balanced, to keep my mood and energy on par, and as well as that mental clarity. So I highly recommend checking it out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 233 reviews
Courtney Nolan
Great Product!

I've been using this product for coming on 3 months now and I've seen amazing results! I have pretty significant food allergies that hit intermittently and since beginning these, the rate of attacks have definitely gone down! I will definitely continue taking these! THANKS!

Lisa Barker
IT WORKS ! Quality ingredients! My gut is so happy !

In April I started noticing hormonal imbalances. I just turned 50 and I was full of anxiety , hot flashes and bloat ! I tried another natural product which helped a little but my gut wasn’t happy. I saw this on Facebook and was drawn to the probiotic aspect. I am an RN of 25 years with a degree in naturopath medicine.I’ve always supplemented and always have taken a probiotic. My old probiotic was not equipped to metabolize estrogen. This one IS ! I have lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks, NO BLOAT and I have nearly no hot flashes except around the time I would normally start my period. I plan to incorporate DIM with Menofit ASAP I can’t wait to see even more improvements. These are quality ingredients and the safest combo I have came across in all my studies. Thank you Menolabs !

True relief for hot flashes and night sweats

Thank you! I have a couple of chronic pain conditions and often try natural remedies with little, if any, success. For several months, I’ve been truly miserable with severe hot flashes and night sweats. Wishing 3 weeks of starting MenoFit, my hot flashes and night sweats have been reduced 90%. I am so thankful for this product and will be trying some of the other products as soon as I am able.

Stephanie Goodrich
No more hot flashes or night sweats

I have been taking Menofit for nearly two weeks. I was so desperate for some relief from my hot flashes and night sweats that I took the two probiotics as instructed, but added a third in the afternoon. Within the first week, my hot flashes and night sweats were completely eliminated. I am just amazed and so pleasantly surprised. I stopped counting how many times I was waking up each night sweating.

Fortunately I had not had much experience yet with the other menopause issues. I am definitely feeling happier, but I attribute that to some improvements in my sleep from not waking up quite as often.

Thank you so much for this product. I have tried so many other over the counter products that all have had zero impact over the last year.

Rachel Tackit
Helpful for post-hysterectomy

Are you suffering from symptoms like weight gain, hot flashes, or night sweats? The products offered by MenoLabs are designed to promote general female health, with the best of them intended to help with menopause. This MenoFit review provides details on how the product helps alleviate symptoms of menopause and my experiences with the supplements.

What is MenoFit? MenoFit is a probiotic supplement designed to help relieve menopause symptoms. How does MenoFit work? MenoFit contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that were specifically identified and proven to address menopausal symptoms. Specifically, MenoFit is design to help with:

Reduce Hot Flashes
Weight Loss
Boost Metabolism
Balance Mood
Reduce Night Sweats
Gut / Microbiome Health
Bone and Joint Health
Increase Mental Clarity
Immune Health
Heart Health
I started taking MenoFit after suffering some night sweats, weight gain, and having mood swings a year after my hysterectomy. My primary care provider recommended I try the MenoFit supplements even though I was not necessarily in menopause due to having reduced hormones from the hysterectomy.

That was over one year ago. I’ve been using MenoLabs supplements daily ever since. I’ve tried MenoFit, MenoGlow, Well Rested, and Athena’s Shield. I have found they all work as advertised, and work better the more days used consistently. Now that I’ve reached one year of use I have found that I no longer suffer from night sweats and my mood swings have calmed down. If you’re looking for a natural solution to your menopause symptoms, then I highly recommend giving these supplements a try.

Life changing

Been taking Menofit for 2.5months and wow, what a difference. This product has helped eliminate hot flashes, mood changes and the dreaded unexplained weight gain. Adding this to proper diet and exercise has helped me handle periomenopause symptoms without the use of HRT. That you Menolabs for giving us an alternative/holistic approach in managing this stage of our lives. Would definitely recommend. Great product, exceptional customer service.

Claire Miller
Life Changing

I was extremely skeptical, but after 3 weeks I realized I wasn't having hot flashes any longer. I have recommended it to many others and they have been very pleased as well. Thanks, Menofit for a natural solution!

Karen L
Life changing product

I started using Menofit a month ago and I’m seeing noticeable results! I have noticed weight loss, lessen fatigue, lessen hot flashes and heightened libido. Since using this supplement I’m able to sleep throughout the night!

rebekka eidsvik
Very pleased!

I've been using Menofit for almost 3 months. I love it! It seems to really help with hot flashes and night sweats and I've lost 8 pounds without much effort. So happy to have found a product that works as advertised.

carrie g.
Wonderful products!!

Started using menofit, happy fiber & goddess glow daily - a few months ago & have had great results with peri menopause symptoms!