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    Collagen is one of the biggest building blocks in the human body, involved in every process from hair and nail growth to skin and joint health. Our beauty collagen powder for women combines hydrolyzed collagen with a blend of essential amino acids, as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to support skin from the inside. Hyaluronic acid is a compound that the body naturally produces to keep skin hydrated, reduce inflammation, and decrease joint pain. Alongside collagen, vitamin C can help maintain the health of immune cells within the connective tissues of the skin to promote a more youthful appearance.*

    Every serving of our collagen powder for women contains 20 grams of collagen peptides, 80 mg of hyaluronic acid, and 90 mg of vitamin C. Our single bag is 14 servings.

  • Goddess Glow Beauty Collagen is a collagen powder formulated with hydrolyzed, grass-fed bovine collagen, as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.


    • Hyaluronic Acid: A substance that the body naturally produces to help skin retain moisture and keeps tissue hydrated and healthy.*
    • Hydrolyzed Collagen: A fundamental protein that creates connective tissues and is broken down into smaller pieces, making it easier for the body to process.*
    • Vitamin C: An antioxidant that helps protect the skin from oxidative stress and free radicals caused by UV rays and other environmental factors.*


    • 18 Essential Amino Acids: A blend of essential amino acids that are the building blocks of keratin, which can also help stimulate hair and nail growth.*


    • Collagen Type I: The most common collagen found in the body that provides structure to various tissues.
    • Collagen Type III: Works alongside Type I collagen to promote fibroblast function and skin health.
  • Vanessa was prompted to action when, at 44, she began her own transition into menopause. Unsatisfied with the lack of support that women experience during this stage of life, and finding the stereotypes of women in mid-life exasperating and insulting, she decided to do something about it. With the support of her husband and daughter, Vanessa co-founded MenoLabs with her long-time friend and collaborator, Danielle Jacobs, and menopause researcher, Dr. John Konhilas.

    Professionally, Vanessa has served as Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Customer Service and Public Relations, among other titles. She also has a background of startup and nonprofit experience, working for underserved populations in the animal welfare field, as well as women’s issues. Vanessa has served on a variety of nonprofit, public relations, and marketing boards, and has served as the head of many civic engagement projects.

    Vanessa’s personal experience with menopause and her driving passion for moving the conversations around menopause forward means that Vanessa is a driving force in everything MenoLabs does, from product formulations to app creation, to being the face of the brand in informative videos and across social media.

  • At MenoLabs we believe women deserve the best, most-informed, well-researched tools to manage their health. We’re dedicated to bringing advanced, innovative, and naturally sourced solutions to a woman's menopause journey. We aim to change the narrative of menopause, allowing every woman to discover her inner goddess.

    Our vision is a world where women are educated and informed about the menopausal transition and have research-driven, naturally sourced solutions to address their overall health in midlife, and beyond.

    Our focus is on helping women live a better life through education, community, and products that provide relief from the symptoms of menopause.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Nicole C.
    My daily must-have!

    This stuff is truly a game changer! I’m 45 and am still early in perimenopause. I use two scoops in my coffee every morning. Zero taste to it even with just water. At first I didn’t get the subscription. Big misstep. After finishing my first bag I had week where I had a lapse in use. Within two days my joints were back to being sore (especially in the morning) and my skin on my face, neck, and chest began to look lackluster. Then I had a hormonal break out. Within two days of using it again the soreness was gone and my skin was on the mend. I use this daily alongside MenoFit and feel so supported on the inside. These products really do work. Get the subscription!


    Menofit, Athena's Shield, and Goddess Glow has changed my menopausal life for the better. I'm sleeping better and my night sweats have been drastically reduced. Thank you, Danielle, Vanessa, and Dr. John.

    Best ever

    This is the best collagen product I’ve ever tried. I’m also 30 years old, and this has improved my skin so much. It tastes BAD, but that’s only because it has natural ingredients. I would prefer it taste bad (just mix something with it) and have it be a quality product. Taste is not an issue, I love this stuff too much!!!!

    Jeannie d

    I can always feel it when I'm not taking this, so I try to never be without. I put it in my smoothie every morning. My skin looks so much better and I have much less soreness after workouts.


    I love this product to much

    Radhika Menon
    Love Goddess Glow!!

    Recommend Goddess Glow hundred percent!! It has given a new life to my skin, hair and nails. I can clearly see the new hair growth, I am delighted about that. I will definitely be trying out other products from Menolab, it definitely works!!

    Nicole Shealey
    5 star rating

    This is the best collegen I've ever taken,within a matter of days I could see my nails stronger and in a matter of weeks I've noticed my hair growing and my skin has a natural glow. I have so much faith in this product now that I've been taking it for a few months now I jave my 29 year old daughter taking it. The hair dresser used to much heat on her hair that it started breaking off so I told her to start using this collegen and she will see results of her hair growing back. I will always use this product, it's better and stronger than any other one I've ever taken

    Loved it

    Love how this collagen has NO flavor and dissolves quickly in my drinks and works great!!

    It's the best!

    I can't thank you and your company enough. Prior to getting this product, I was having frequent, intense hot flashes through the day as well as at night. They would wake me up at least 3-4 times a night. I tried HRT and hated how the meds made me feel. I tried other expensive products which did nothing. You were my last resort. I had relief from my symptoms with a week and am sleeping through the night again. I'm not one to write reviews but I couldn't pass this one up. Thank you and God bless you and your company!

    Bebe Ellingsworth
    This Goddess is glowing!

    Turn back the clock with Goddess Glow! Shinier, thicker hair, my finger nails growing strong and long and I've got an honest to goodness glow about me! The skin on my hands have lost that crepe look and my neck is firmer! A scoop in my morning mocha makes my drink all smooth and silky...can you imagine what it's doing for your insides?! I swear my joints aren't as creaky and my knees aren't snap, crackle and popping down the stairs! Another Menolabs product building me up from the inside out! I am shouting from the rooftops! Thank you, ladies!

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