Danielle Jacobs MenoLabs Co-Founder

Danielle Jacobs

MenoLabs Co-Founder

Danielle, wife, mother of two, and nutritionist has worked with startup companies and businesses of all sizes for nearly 20 years. With her husband she has founded national online e-commerce marketplaces for artisans, established non profit organizations, launched international ventures, and helped administer dozens of companies. Danielle is most experienced with accounting, administration, human resources, policy development, process improvement, establishment and maintenance of internal financial controls and employment practices.

Wife, Mother of Two, and Nutritionist

20 Years of Experience

As an entrepreneur she is able to apply her extensive business planning and administration experience as the behind the scenes co-founder at MenoLabs where she is involved with daily operations. She helps lead the company and constructs financial models, develops strategy, and helps establishes internal processes.

As an executive and busy working mom, Danielle understands the enormous stress of trying to balance diet, exercise, children, youth-sports, home-life and a career.

“Just when we think we have a handle on our lives along comes perimenopause trying to destroy what you have worked your entire life to achieve… we will find a better way for women.”

Danielle Jacobs

As a person that just gets things done, Danielle is commitment to women’s overall health, well-being and to changing the way we deal with menopause as a society.


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