Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Women in Menopause

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Women in Menopause

MenoLabs News | Mon, Nov 23, 2020

‘Tis the season for getting ahead of Christmas shopping, and although it’s an unusual holiday season this year, finding the perfect gift for our loved ones is still important. So whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, or you’re trying to steer family members in the right direction for your Christmas list, here are ten great gifts for menopausal women that you can give this year. 

At-Home Spa Products

When getting away to a spa retreat isn’t possible, bringing home the spa is the next best thing. One of the greatest damagers to health is stress, and around the holidays, it can often feel like stress is multiplied by 100. So why not help lower that stress and boost overall health with some spa products? Face masks, body washes, pedicure equipment, essential oils, and even some rose petals for the bathtub. Go all out with relaxation, and take a look at some of our favorite spa picks here

A Soft Blanket

Sometimes the best gift you can give is comfort. While many of us are turning up the heat or starting a fire on Christmas morning, what else can make you feel all warm and cozy for the holiday season? A soft blanket, of course! Women have more trouble regulating their body temperature as they get older, and even when it’s 90 degrees outside, feeling cold is a common problem for menopausal and postmenopausal women. A comfortable, soft, warm blanket can make all the difference on Christmas morning. It’s a great gift to snuggle up in or to fall asleep in, and given how many menopausal women suffer from insomnia, even the smallest change can make the most difference. 

The Gift of Laughter

Menopause doesn’t have to feel like an obstacle course. Finding the humor in the journey is part of the process and it can help women feel more in control over their menopausal experience by poking a little fun at it. Whether it’s a comical mug, a memorable sign to hang up on the wall, or just an inside joke between friends, finding ways to lighten the mood can be a huge help in overcoming frustrations during menopause. If you’re looking for some truly comical gifts, we recommend you take a look at these gems. 

Hair Treatments

One of the things women notice as they get older is that their hair undergoes some changes. Hair thinning, brittleness, dryness, and changes to the scalp can all occur during the menopausal transition. Keeping hair healthy can help women combat some of these issues. So why not give them a little help with some hair treatments to give them a boost? Hair masks, vitamins, moisturizing shampoos, and conditioners, all of these options can help women protect and preserve their hair health. For some of the best hair care options for menopausal women, check out this list for some insight. 

Workout Equipment 

Women naturally experience weight gain and fluctuations as they age. Additionally, estrogen helps regulate muscle mass and bone density, and as women go through menopause, they start to lose both. Exercising on a regular basis can help them keep their bones and muscles strong, as well as boost their immune system and their heart health. Of course, exercising is much easier with the right equipment. Athletic clothes, yoga mats, weights, resistance bands, and even a good water bottle can all help when working out. So why not give the gift of fitness with some workout equipment? If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these to help you get a better idea of what you might need. 

Comfortable Footwear 

One of the more unexpected menopausal symptoms is joint pain. As women go through the menopausal transition, their ankles, hips, and knees can start to become more irritated and sore. It’s obvious that wearing thin stilettos are out of the question. Finding comfortable shoes is now at the top of the list of priorities. So look for footwear options that are comfortable and stylish. Not sure which brands can offer you the best of both worlds? Check out this list for a few comfortable shoe ideas.  

Smartwatch & Other Gadgets

It can be hard to keep track of goals, to-do lists, and the time spent in a day. Staying on track with our goals can be tough but it doesn’t have to feel impossible. Sometimes it pays to have a little reminder close by. Smartwatches and other gadgets can give be a huge help to keep you going throughout the day. Whether you’re trying to keep track of your exercise levels for the day or you’re trying to get on a regular sleep schedule, a gadget can help you keep track of your progress. 


Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a to-do list. It’s so satisfying to cross off an item on the list and feel a sense of accomplishment. It can be especially gratifying when working towards an important goal. Writing down your daily tasks helps your brain with more than just concentration, it also helps it with memory. Your brain holds onto certain pieces of information based on how important that information seems.  To-do lists can help your mind prioritize information and help you perform tasks with more ease as you always have a list to go back to and check that you’ve completed them. So help out that brain with a couple of planners and get things done. 

Nourishing Makeup

Makeup formulas have to change as our bodies change. Skin becomes dry as we get older and finding the right products to help soothe and nourish the skin is crucial. Makeup tends to dry out skin, increase acne, and cause buildups of bacteria that can be irritating. Still, it is nice to throw on some lipstick every once in a while and look in the mirror to see the beauty staring back at us. So look for makeup products that can give you what your skin needs to be healthy without sacrificing style. If you’re not sure where to look, we recommend you take a look at these top recommended products

Menopausal Probiotic Supplements 

At the end of the day, the best gift you can give to the menopausal woman in your life is help. Finding ways to help them through their health concerns, their symptoms, their frustrations, and their anxieties is the best way t show your support and love for them. A good way to start is to get them a bottle of MenoLabs probiotics. All of our products are heavily researched and produced to help women find menopausal symptom relief. So, take a look at our shop page today and help them start their journey to better menopausal health today. 

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