Movies That Celebrate & Affirm Older Women

Movies That Celebrate & Affirm Older Women

MenoLabs News | Fri, Jun 11, 2021

Hollywood is notorious for glorifying youth. It can be disheartening when ‘desirability’ is a trait only attributed to younger women.

However, many filmmakers do see older women in movies as the sexy, strong, beautiful creatures we truly are. If you need a little pick-me-up, grab your favorite beverage and snuggle up for one of these movies about older women. 


1.  Juanita

Fed up with her dead-end hospital job and needy adult children, Juanita buys a bus ticket and heads to Montana.

She ends up in a little town called Paper Moon. There she meets Jess, a chef who refuses to cook anything other than French food.  

As their friendship evolves, Juanita learns to look at life through a different lens and discovers what it means to truly live in peace.


2.  Gloria Bell

Gloria, a free-spirited empty-nester in Los Angeles, spends her nights living it up on the dance floor at a single’s bar. She is looking to have fun, but at the same time, struggles with the fact that she is getting older.

Gloria has a one-night stand that eventually becomes more, but as the relationship hits obstacles, she is left wondering if she even wants a man in her life.

Gloria reminds women to enjoy the parts of themselves that they let go of when the responsibilities of family and careers took over.


3.  Frankie

Frankie only has a few months to live, so she takes her family to Portugal for one last family vacation.  

It doesn’t go as planned, however, because her family members each have their own struggles.

Frankie’s story is one of being comfortable with who you are, coming to terms with a life well-lived, and saying goodbye. 


4.  The M Word

Moxie, a children’s star on a struggling television station, launches a documentary about menopause.  

But her life is turned upside down by a network executive from New York. The two start a secret romance, while constantly butting heads as Charlie sets about doing his job.

This film normalizes menopause and empowers women to speak comfortably about their experiences. 


5.  The Book Club


Four women spent the last forty years bonding over their book club meetings.  

But when they read Fifty Shades of Grey together, they are inspired to make changes in their own lives, from finding new romance to rekindling old ones.



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