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Total Menopause Symptom Relief*

Recommended For You

Well Rested 2-pack By MenoLabs™ Sleep Aid for Women

60 Capsules per bottle

Well Rested by MenoLabs™ is a proprietary blend of minerals, amino acids, and melatonin to promote your best night’s sleep.*

Featured Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star Rating from Maribel R

    To all the peri menopausal or menopausal gals out there- this stuff works! I’m on my second bottle. I was reluctant to try, thought hot flashes was just something I had to go through. Now they’re practicality gone! The sleep aid helps too. Uninterrupted sleep is a beautiful thing. I highly recommend. Not to mention my jeans are fitting loose around the waist. Stay consistent, do not give up on your first bottle. Keep taking the probiotic and the fiber to see results!!
    - Maribel R.

  • 5 Star Rating from Johanna G

    I love everything this company makes because they really understand us. Their new sleep aid for women works just like they say it will. I sleep so much better with Well-Rested and I also take Meno-fit for menopause symptoms. I feel so much better, I sleep so much better and you will too!
    - Johanna G.

  • 5 Star Rating from Jennifer W

    I found WellRested searching for a natural sleep aid. I was struggling to get consistently more than 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I started taking WellRested and right away started sleeping through the night and now average 7.5 hours of sleep a night. I struggle with anxiety so this is a huge improvement for me. If I do happen to wake up in the middle of the night I can easily fall back to sleep without my mind racing.
    - Jennifer W.

  • 5 Star Rating from Remmy

    Im loving my well rested from MenoLabs . I am REALLY happy with this product! For the last couple years I would wake up around 3am and just lay awake for hours. Now after about 2 weeks of using Well Rested, I’ve still been waking up, but I am able to fall back to sleep! FINALLY!!!! Give it a shot. The price is right and the sleep is worth it!
    - Remmy

  • 5 Star Rating from Molly S

    I've used a different sleep aid that just has 6mg of melatonin in it for about a year now and it works most of the time. I like Well Rested much better though! I fall asleep naturally and I don't wake up or toss and turn during the night. I don't feel groggy or tired in the morning either! This is a great sleep aid for women!
    - Molly S.

    How Well Rested Works

    The imbalances that occur during menopause can leave you feeling nervous, restless, and like you can’t turn your brain off when it's time to go to sleep. Well Rested’s proprietary formula helps calm the mind and relax the body while working overnight to make it easier for women to fall asleep and stay asleep.*

    Click the Ingredients tab for more information regarding each of our targeted ingredients.

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    Vanessa's Story

    Vanessa was 44 when perimenopause started having a serious, negative impact on her life.

    Watch the video to meet her and hear about her menopause journey, and what prompted her to start MenoLabs with her best friend and business partner, Danielle. Together they've created the most comprehensive, naturally sourced menopause relief you can find.

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    Well Rested All Natural Sleep Aid for Women Helping You Fall Asleep

    Helping You Fall Asleep

    As women go through menopause, lowered estrogen levels make it more difficult for the brain to produce and release GABA as effectively. Magnesium binds to GABA receptors in the brain and helps lower neural activity more effectively.

    • Magnesium Glycinate - Critical mineral to regulate neurotransmitters and help “turn your brain off”
    • GABA - Slows the rapid firing of neurons so the brain and body can relax
    Well Rested All Natural Sleep Aid for Women Helping You Stay Asleep

    Helping You Stay Asleep

    These amino acids help your body relax and to support a deeper and more restful night’s sleep. They also work together to help your brain know that it is time to relax and fall asleep.*

    • Melatonin - Naturally tells your body when it is time to sleep
    • L-Theanine - Amino Acid to reduce stress and support deeper and more relaxed sleep
    • L-Glycine - Amino Acid to help improve sleep quality and help individuals achieve deeper sleep
    Well Rested All Natural Sleep Aid for Women Calming Your Mind

    Calming Your Mind

    5-HTP is an essential amino acid that your body needs in order to help your brain produce and release serotonin, which helps relax your muscles, lower your heart rate, and produce feelings of calmness.*

    • L-Tryptophan - Supports 5-HTP production to help improve the quality of sleep
    • 5-HTP - Boosts the body’s serotonin levels, lowers heart rate, and helps instill a sense of calm
    Dr. John Konhilas, PhD and Leading Women's Health Researcher

    Women report insomnia and trouble sleeping more often than men. Many of these sleep issues are triggered by hormone fluctuations in the perimenopause and menopause transition. With the support of the right minerals, amino acids and sleep hormones the Well Rested formula coupled with a healthy microbiome can help the body better regulate the neurotransmitters that impact sleep and wakefulness.

    - Dr. John Konhilas, PhD and Leading Women's Health Researcher

    Maximize Your Results

    LOVE your body

    It's the only one you have. Treat it well. Respect it. Love it!

    EAT well

    Good health starts with good nutrition. Feed your body what it needs: fiber-rich foods and the right probiotics are a great start!

    HYDRATE often

    Water is critical to keeping your entire body healthy and running smoothly. It’s also great for your skin health!

    MOVE daily

    Sedentary lifestyles are as bad for you as smoking. Move every day to keep your body active and healthy.

    Repeat for LIFE

    Women who Love MenoLabs Products Well Rested all Natural sleep aid for women

    Miss Kitty

    I took two last night about an hour before bed. I never felt groggy, I just fell asleep, stayed asleep and woke up feeling really fresh. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. This is going to be my go-to for my insomnia.

    Take your life back script lettering MenoLabs

    Co-founders, Vanessa and Danielle, want women in menopause to feel like themselves again, and be the healthiest, best version of themselves - through their menopause journey and beyond.

    Every woman deserves to find her inner goddess!

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    Customer Reviews

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