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    • MenoFit (60 Day Supply)

      During menopause, hormone changes can affect your microbiome, which may result in feelings of hunger, a less efficient metabolism, low energy, brain fog, and moodiness.

      Doctor-Formulated to Help

      • Maintain a healthy weight*
      • Aid metabolism*
      • Process sugars and nutrients more effectively*
      • Reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes*
      Patented Probiotic Blend - MenoFit

      Patented Probiotic Blend

      • B420
        • Positive impact on weight loss*
        • Aids in balancing the body's hormones*
      • Lactobacillus gasseri
        • Shown to reduce weight and adipose tissue*
      • Lactobacillus plantarum
        • Improve blood sugar and sugar metabolism*
      • Multiple research studies to support weight loss*
        • Activated by a healthy diet rich in fiber
        • Best supported by optimum water consumption (64oz a day)
      100 Percent Natural Ingredients in MenoFit

      100% Natural Ingredients

      • Hormone-free
      • Soy-free
      • MSG-free
      • Dairy-free
      • Shellfish-free
      • Sugar-free
      • No artificial flavors or colors
      • Cruelty-free
      • Vegetarian

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    Our products are built for your symptoms through all stages of menopause, and with the best science we can find to back them.

      • We design them.
      • We research them.
      • We manufacture them.
      • We take them.
      • We stand behind them.
      • We are women just like you.

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    Backed by Rigorous Research

    Doctor-Formulated Blends

      • 20+ years of research behind every bottle.
      • Custom formulas you won't find anywhere else.
      • Only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.
      • Triple lab tested for potency and safety.
      • Made in FDA certified facilities.

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    ** Individual clinical studies may use a specific sub-strain of a Probiotic that shares the same genus and species strain with probiotics included in this formulation. Specific sub-strains in these formulations may not exactly match the sub-strain in the studies included here and may interact differently with each individual’s microbiome. We have gathered the research cited here as examples of some of the outcomes and studies that show particular impacts of strains and sub-strains on study participants within the controls and design of those studies. Each person’s microbiome and results will vary based on environmental and health factors.

    *** Studies show benefits in 4 weeks, with optimal results within 8–12 weeks. If you are on medication or suffer from medical conditions, please consult your doctor before consuming any of our supplements.