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Look, menopause can really suck.

Some of us deal with more than a decade of symptoms, sleep-wrecking hot flashes, weight gain, anxiety and mood swings that make PMS look like a gentle Sunday picnic.

Does it really make sense that we evolved to be this miserable? No, it sure doesn’t.

So, what changed in our modern life that makes this natural process so unnaturally painful?

Can we do anything to get our bodies back into a natural balance that allow for a smooth transition?

Yes. We really can.

We’re Vanessa and Danielle,

the founders, owners and operators of MenoLabs. We’ve found the researchers who have spent 3 decades studying this issue, and worked with them over a full year to create products specifically formulated for:

Menolabs Co Founders Vanessa Ford and Danielle Jacobs
Hot Flashes Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief

Hot Flashes

Weight Gain Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief

Weight Gain

Anxiety Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief


Insomnia Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief


Brain Fog Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief

Brain Fog

Bone Health Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief

Bone Health

Slow Metabolism Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief

Slow Metabolism

Low Sex Drive Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief

Low Sex Drive

Heart Health Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief

Heart Health

Digestion Research-Driven Menopause Symptom Relief


If you suffer from any of the above read on.

We’ve got help coming your way.

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What if the transition to menopause didn’t have to be so difficult?

Online menopause forums are full of horror stories. Hundreds of thousands of women join them, looking for answers. What they read are stories of hormone imbalance, month-long periods, hot flashes that melt the wallpaper, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, and a general dissatisfaction with life that destroys marriages, careers, and personal relationships.

Story after story of women facing the complex multi-symptom impact of perimenopause and menopause fills the screen. Often, the tone of these posts is women who feel alone, abandoned by the medical profession and at times, hopeless for a better outcome.

combine hundreds of clinical studies and 20 years of menopause research into a single supplement

Does the lack of microbial consistency account for the variance in herbal and dietary impacts on menopause symptoms?

What if we could ensure the right bacteria and the right dietary supplements were present at the same time? What if we could combine hundreds of clinical studies and 20 years of menopause research into a single supplement? What might that mean for the millions of women struggling with menopause?

What is wrong with our society, that we ignore this transition?

why does our society ignore menopause

How did we get to a point where every woman has a 100% probability of reaching menopause provided they live long enough, and yet there is so little research to help with this transition? Does anyone really think that if even 10% of men faced this kind of change there would not be an entire government-funded research team in place? Look at the erectile dysfunction and hair loss research and drugs already on the market. As a society, we have to do better.

What is wrong with our lifestyle that this kind of suffering is so common?

The few options we have when talking to the medical industry are the same ones that may increase our risk for ovarian cancer. Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT is frequently prescribed for women trying to address the symptoms of menopause.

Yet, we know that that the connection between our gut microbiome (the bacteria living in your digestive tract) and hormones is critically important.

Study after study makes this clear.

Associated Bone Loss is Microbiota Dependent and Prevented by Probiotics

Estrogen Deficiency and the Origin of Obesity during Menopause

Estrogen-gut Microbiome Axis: Physiological and Clinical Implications

Somehow, most of modern medicine ignores this in favor of synthetic hormones. We are injecting our bodies with hormones even as we eat a diet and take antibiotics that kill off the very friendly bacteria that are critical to properly balancing our own hormonal health.

What if we fixed the problem instead of just treating the symptoms?

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What if the risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy could be avoided?

The Right Blends To Alleviate Symptoms

If it is possible to increase the diversity of the microbiome and ensure proper gut bacteria populations and health, could we minimize the symptoms of menopause without HRT? Normalizing hormonal levels can be achieved through the right balance of microbiome support (probiotics) and herbal sources of phyto (plant) estrogens. When you consume certain plants that have isoflavones in them, AND you have the right bacteria in your gut, those plant compounds can be turned into molecules that behave similar to estrogen and progesterone. The trick is you need both the plants and the right gut bacteria.

If we don’t want our daughters to have to deal with the same problems, we have to change the research, the education, the information and build new tools for menopause.

Danielle and Vanessa are both mothers, and part of the reason we created MenoLabs is that we want better support for our own daughters. With backgrounds in nutrition, research, corporate finance and marketing, as well as a deep desire and proven history of working for underserved populations, Danielle and Vanessa are uniquely suited to create and guide a company like MenoLabs.

We are driven to help thousands of women better understand and manage their menopause journey. That means creating a company that funds research into menopause, building tools that women can use to better manage their symptoms and overall health, and educating women of all ages on what they can expect on their menopause journey.

MenoLabs Founders Researching Probiotics

Our research team, led by Dr. John Konhilas, believes there is a better way to restore the balance we need to transition smoothly into menopause as we age.

Dr. Konhilas discovered surprising protective properties in early studies on B420 and the impacts of menopause on health. Those early studies showed the powerful impact a probiotic can have on heart health, weight, and hormonal balance.

With Dr. Konhilas, we’ve spent a year formulating a synbiotic supplement to combine the latest research with the best ingredients we can source to give millions of women a healthier way to support their gut microbiome, their hormonal health, and their overall well being.

Danielle and Vanessa are tired of reading post after post in menopause forums of women suffering alone. We’re tired of facing these symptoms and this future ourselves. We’re tired of a government that won’t fund research and of a society that ignores this transition.

We’re going to change things.

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We’re going to build what should have been built decades ago, the tools and research to better understand and support every woman as she transitions.

If you join us, you aren’t just getting the best supplement we can formulate, with the latest research we can find. You’re funding the research and tools of a future where menopause is no longer something women have to suffer through alone. You’re helping to fund the world’s largest and most advanced women’s health app ever built specifically to engage in clinical research for menopause and helping to ensure every woman can use it for free.

MenoLabs Co Founders Danielle Jacobs and Venessa Ford

We want every woman to have better health today and better research tomorrow.

That’s why this is more than just a bottle of capsules. This is a statement that we won’t stay in the shadows posting in the darkness, suffering alone.

We’re not going to tolerate that as “normal” any longer.

Thank you for joining with thousands of other women to make this better for all of us.

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