Meet Vanessa Ford, Menopause’s Best Friend

There is a severe lack of research into perimenopause and menopause, despite the fact that it affects every single woman:

  • 25 million women in the United States are in the menopause transition right now.
  • 6,000 women enter this transition in the United States every single day.
  • Millennials, America’s largest generation, started turning 40 last year, the prime decade for menopause symptoms to begin.
  • Worldwide, there will be 1 million women in menopause in the next 5 years.

Yet, we’re still afraid to talk about it, leaving women confused, vulnerable, and feeling alone.

Vanessa Ford - MenoLabs CoFounder and Menopause Researcher

About Vanessa

Vanessa was 44 when perimenopause symptoms started intruding on her life, causing tensions in her relationships and creating struggles in her professional life. Finding that there was little in the way of help for her - and millions of other women just like her, Vanessa refused to accept the situation as inevitable. She found the research, the team and capital to do something about it, building a multi-million dollar women’s health and femtech company, during COVID lockdown. She is committed to being a champion for every single woman who feels confused and alone during their menopause journey.


Vanessa's Journey

Vanessa is the Co-Founder of MenoLabs, recognized by Newsweek as a game-changing company for women’s health. Pretty Progressive named MenoLabs number 4 in it’s 44 Best and Most Innovative Women’s Startups to Follow, and Tech Tribune recognized it as among the Top 10 Tech Startups in Tucson for 2021. Vanessa was named a Top 10 Finalist in all of North America for the Cartier Women’s Initiative, and is a leading voice in fundamentally changing the conversation around, and health impacts of, menopause and women’s health.

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