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We believe every woman deserves a strong support system to live our best lives. Let's face it, Menopause is a big life change that brings stress on our bodies and can greatly impact our health, well-being, our relationships and how we interact with the world around us. Our goal is to deal with menopause intelligently through information, science, education, a strong support structure and an ecosystem that provides personalized recommendations for you.

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Managing Your Symptoms

    • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) discussions
    • Non-HRT and natural lifestyle options
    • Trigger foods and diet discussions
    • Staying active exercise recommendations

Caring Support Group to Discuss Everyday Life and Menopause

    • Everyday life and menopause
    • Work and menopause
    • Family, health and life events and menopause
    • Relationships, sex and contraception and menopause
    • Sleep and menopause
    • Changes in the body and keeping healthy

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Menopause can present a variety of challenges for many women. Experiencing symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, and weight gain, can range in intensity across the board. With so many different experiences, women might feel like they're battling their menopausal journeys on their own, making it even harder to overcome these challenges. Don't worry, you are not alone – there are roughly 2 million women in the country who are going through the same difficulties. That is why it is important to create a support ecosystem where you and others like you can offer each other the necessary support network you need to get through it.