Ridiculous Symptoms – Let’s Vent

Ridiculous Symptoms – Let’s Vent

MenoLabs News | Wed, Nov 13, 2019

You are in your forties, living your life to the fullest when suddenly you are not feeling so well. You may grow tired quickly and easily, have a lack of focus, vision problems, or poor sleep. Each of these symptoms can mean something else, but if you are not suffering from any disease, then they are likely connected to perimenopause. Surely you have heard about women having hot flashes, weight gain, and vaginal health issues, but what about those ridiculous symptoms that just do not fit? Let’s vent. 

Many women find some symptoms of menopause ridiculous
Many women find some symptoms of menopause ridiculous

Perimenopause / Menopause

Are you in perimenopause / menopause?

What Ridiculous Symptoms Are There?

For women whose perimenopause was sudden, menopause seems like a hope for relief. During the first years, when you have shifts in hormone levels, it is the hardest to deal with the symptoms. So, what are some of the problems you may face which bother you so much you cannot live your life the usual way anymore?

You Have Migraines

Migraines can happen to anyone at any time, and migraines in perimenopause are especially bothersome for those making the transition. It takes quite a lot of time to learn how to manage migraines. Your doctor may suggest meds, foods, or relaxation techniques. Once you reduce the stress, the severity of migraines should go down as well.

You Lose Memory

If you find others looking at you in confusion while you are searching for your car keys, you might feel there is something wrong. Where did you leave them again? Sometimes, memory loss issues can be so bad that you would have to write a list of things to do every day. Otherwise, you could forget them easily. You might feel frustrated, and you also might think that others see you as stupid. This all creates embarrassment and confusion around your menopause, which should not be the case.

Memory loss and lack of focus are quite common in menopause
Memory loss and lack of focus are quite common in menopause

You Have Belly Fat

Some women can eat whatever they want without any apparent consequences for their bodies. If you are one of these women, you might find yourself not having that privilege anymore once you enter peri- and menopause. Shifts in estrogen throughout your body change the way it stores fat, making the central fat deposit place in your belly. Hormonal changes do not make you fat by themselves – it is your lifestyle that is the main reason for gaining weight. Improving your diet and exercise habits can go a long way to help you look better and be more self-confident in menopause. 

Your Are Depressed

At first, you are confused by the symptoms, then you might become mad over them, then you might grow upset, tired, and eventually even depressed. You might feel like you just want to give up on everything instead of having to deal every day with episodes of mood swings and hot flashes. Mood swings in menopause might leave you bored, lifeless, or just very tired of everything. You may stop feeling like yourself and grow into a person you do not want to be. Tackling perimenopause symptoms means facing them head-on, so try to look for joy even in the most trivial things and get the support from your family and loved one. 

You Pee Yourself

One of the most ridiculous symptoms of menopause women find absolutely frustrating is urinary incontinency. And you do not have to exercise or do any rigorous activity for it to happen. It can also occur from something normal, like coughing or sneezing. The lining of your uterus becomes thinner during perimenopause. Also, lower estrogen causes decreased collagen, which is why you also have more wrinkles at this age. But before you start hating yourself and your body, it would be good to know that a visit to a physiotherapist can help, and so can pelvic floor exercises. 

Urinary incontinence is a symptom that leaves you embarrassed
Urinary incontinence is a symptom that leaves you embarrassed

You Smell

Some people think that they stink as a default, but in menopause, most women find that their body smells are more noticeable than before. They even call this an “old lady” smell. But do not forget that shifts in your hormones might also impact your sense of smell, so the way you smell to others does not have to be the same as how you smell yourself. This study, for example, found that women after menopause have lower olfactory ability (1). It will be good if you can open up about this issue to your family member or your partner. This way, they can help you understand your perception better.

Probiotics to Help with Ridiculous Symptoms

It is hard to talk about these ridiculous symptoms of perimenopause with your doctor. And it might be even harder to talk with your family. But talking it out is the first step to having the problem resolved. You can take control of your symptoms by eating a healthier diet. It is also helpful to engage in more exercise and adding probiotics to your daily supplementation.

Probiotics were shown to help with symptoms of depression (2) and are discussed as a possible treatment of obesity (3). You may find them helpful for many of your symptoms of peri- and menopause. As studies have shown, probiotics are effective for hot flashes, mood swings, brain fog, and many other problems you may face as you transition into our later years. Adding probiotic foods or supplements to your diet will offer support for your body and mind. 

Where to Get Pobiotics for Your Ridiculous Symptoms

If you want to include probiotics into your diet, but are not sure where to start, do not worry. They are very easy to find. First, you can get probiotics from various fermented foods like miso, tempeh, pickles, live yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kombucha. Eating these foods regularly will add a balanced amount of various strains of probiotic bacteria. And if you do not think you consume enough of those foods, you can always supplement with probiotic pills.

MenoLabs has created a probiotic supplement to address the specific needs of women in menopause. We know what you are going through. That’s why we want to support you with the highest quality probiotic supplement for best results. Find relief even from the most ridiculous symptoms of menopause with the supplement from MenoLabs.


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