Gifts to Give the Men in Your Life This Father's Day

Gifts to Give the Men in Your Life This Father's Day

MenoLabs News | Mon, Jun 01, 2020

Father's Day is just around the corner, and many women are wondering what they can do to make this holiday special for the men in their lives. Whether it's your husband, your father, or the friends you thank for being a fatherly comfort to you, finding the perfect gift can be especially challenging these days. 

If you're stuck indoors or unable to see family, here are the best gifts you can give to the men in your life this Father's Day. 

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Have a Virtual Cookout

If you can't spend time with family this father's day and you're itching to have a family get-together, then why not host a virtual cookout? Grab your phone or your webcam and set up the grill for an afternoon of delicious eats. Exchange family recipes and see who makes the better cornbread. It's a way to stay connected through difficult times and still have fun that the whole family can enjoy. 

Buy a Make Your Own Spirits Kit

For the spirit connoisseurs in the family, help them live out their dream of making their own whiskey, gin, or rum. There are dozens of spirit making kits online that you can choose from. For those who enjoy smokier flavors, try out a make your own bourbon kit. Maybe your man prefers something brighter and spicier? Then get him an at-home rum kit that he can use to make some Saturday night mojitos. Bring the cocktail bar to your home with ease.

Take History Home with Antiques and Replicas

Is your loved one a hobbyist historian? Have they exhausted every local history museum and book on their shelf? Then take home a slice of history for them with antiques and replicas. Let them feel like they're on a ship bound for 18th-century England with a replica of an antique nautical compass. Maybe your man is more of a civil war-buff? Then look into getting him a few print outs of civil war maps. It's guaranteed to make Father's Day feel like Christmas morning. 

Revisit a Favorite Concert

Virtual concert fathers day gift ideas menolabs

Are you looking to relive some memories from the good days? Did your favorite band have to cancel their tour date to your area? Why not take a trip down memory lane and attend one of your favorite concerts from the comfort of your own home? Set up your living room like a concert hall and watch The Rolling Stones play for you on the television. Sing along to your favorite parts and dance the night away. Sometimes it's good to relive the past, so why not relive a little? 

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Hang Out in Hammocks

Sometimes, you need a day to kick back and relax. If you and your loved one are having a rough week, then why not gift yourselves a chance to relax with outdoor hammocks? They're the perfect place to read in, nap in, soak up the sun in, and drink some delicious drinks. Give the gift of relaxation with a sturdy and comfortable hammock. We recommend you take a look through these for some fun hammock ideas! 

Upgrade His Favorite Gadgets

Is your loved one a genius in the kitchen? Are they a lover of all things modern and technologically advanced? Do they need a new drill to replace the one that broke last year? Then upgrade his gadgetry! You have a whole world of gadgets to choose from! From an LED clock fan to a pair of herb dicing scissors, you can find a gadget for every purpose. 

Take Him to the Stars

Does your loved one dream of traveling through the stars? Take him to the moon and beyond with a high-resolution telescope. Father's Day falls on the summer solstice, and with that comes some spectacular astronomical events. A new moon will be visible on June 21st! So make sure to get your telescope before then! If you're wondering what other astronomical events will occur in June, take a look at this site for more information. 

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Expand His Library

Has the man in your life exhausted all of this reading material? Is he stumped as to what to read next? Look for some new best-sellers to add to his bookshelf this Father's Day. Check amazon for some of the latest best-seller lists. Look at audible's expanding library and see if he might like to sit back and listen to a new story. While you're at it, maybe get him some books on menopause too. You never know, he might find it helpful. 

However you choose to spend this Father's Day, remember to celebrate the ones you love at home and from afar. Send a gift, give a hug, and cherish your time together. 

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